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​​2021 Media Releases

To open any of the media releases listed below, click on the document icon. 
2128.aspxNew Clerk of Tynwald to be appointed14/05/2021
2127.aspxPublic Accounts Committee to take evidence from Isle of Man Steam Packet Company07/05/2021
2124.aspxPublic Accounts Committee to take evidence for COVID Genomics inquiry30/04/2021
2125.aspxAdditional Sittings of Tynwald and the Branches29/04/2021
2122.aspxPublic Accounts Committee to take evidence for COVID inquiries23/04/2021
2123.aspxMeat Plant: Committee to take evidence23/04/2021
2121.aspxApril Tynwald to sit in Chamber 16/04/2021
2120.aspxThird Lockdown: Committee to hear Oral Evidence16/04/2021
2106.aspxTynwald Day 202115/04/2021
2119.aspxHis Late Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh: Special Sitting of Tynwald Court12/04/2021
2118.aspxPresident of Tynwald to Retire06/04/2021
2116.aspxMr Speaker elected CAPAC Treasurer31/03/2021
2117.aspxAdditional Sitting of the House of Keys01/04/2021
2114.aspxDr Rachel Glover to appear before Public Accounts Committee26/03/2021
2115.aspxExtra Sitting of Tynwald 30th March25/03/2021
2113.aspxDemand responsive bus services: Committee to take Evidence24/03/2021
2112.aspxExtra Sitting of the Branches17/03/2021
2111.aspxMinister for Infrastructure to appear before Committee16/03/2021
2110.aspxAbortion Reform Act 2019: Call for evidence12/03/2021
2109.aspxVirtual Tynwald resumes as Legislative Buildings close03/03/2021
2108.aspxLegislative Council sitting virtually at 2.30 pm on 2nd March 2021 02/03/2021
2107.aspxHouse of Keys sitting virtually at 11am 2nd March 202102/03/2021
2105.aspxTynwald Auditor General Selection Process02/02/2021
2104.aspxExtraordinary Tynwald sitting 2nd February 202127/01/2021
2103.aspxDomestic Abuse Act 2020: Call for Evidence20/01/2021
2102.aspxIncome and Benefits Survey Extended15/01/2021
2101.aspxVirtual Tynwald resumes as Legislative Buildings close06/01/2021