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Legislative Buildings - Wedding CakeThe High Court of Tynwald has thirty five members comprised of all of the members of the House of Keys and the Legislative Council. 

The President of Tynwald, elected from the Members of Tynwald, presides over Tynwald. 

The Legislative Council has eleven members. In addition to The President, who presides, there are eight members elected by the House of Keys who serve alongside the Bishop of Sodor and Mann, all of whom may vote, and the Attorney General who may not vote.

The House of Keys has twenty four members elected by the citizens of the Isle of Man every five years. The Presiding Officer is the Speaker of the House of Keys who is elected from the Members after each general election.

The Members of the Legislature are supported in their work by the staff of the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office whose offices in Legislative Buildings on Finch Road in Douglas adjoin the Chambers. The Clerk of Tynwald and staff of the office support and promote the work of Tynwald and assist its Members to carry out their public functions as Members of Tynwald.