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Petitioning of Tynwald

There are two ways to submit a petition to Tynwald, a public petition and a Petition for Redress.

This site is designed to guide you through the process. In all cases you should contact the Clerk of Tynwald to ensure your petition is in good order. 

Update: Tynwald Day 2020

​This year’s Tynwald Day will necessarily be very different from normal years. We intend to preserve as much of the character of our National Day as possible, maintaining a tradition that stretches back over a thousand years. Part of Tynwald Day is the right to submit a Petition for Redress of Grievance. This cannot be done in the usual way because of the restrictions placed on all of us as a result of the COVID 19 emergency.

Petitions for Redress on Tynwald Day 2020 will not be presented in person. Instead, after following the usual guidance, when finalised, the petition should be submitted to the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office by 5pm on Wednesday 1st July. The preferred method is by email or, where this is not possible, by post.

An acknowledgement will be sent confirming that the petition will be presented on the petitioner’s behalf on Tynwald Day by the Clerk of Tynwald. Petitioners will be asked to provide contact details to be shared, in advance, with local media; this is optional.

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