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Tynwald Information Service​

The Clerk of Tynwald's Office offer an information service to the public from the Ground Floor of Legislative Buildings on Finch Road in Douglas.

The area is fully accessible for disabled persons or those with limited mobility and is open from 09.00-17.00 Mon-Fri, excluding public holidays.

​General Enquiries and Research

Staff in the Information Service are available to assist the general public with basic enquiries, particularly finding documents in hard copy or on websites and directing them to Government Departments for further information. Staff may not give legal advice. ​The Office can provide information and documentation relevant to the work of the Legislature of the Isle of Man, specialising in legal and parliamentary material. Official documents from Tynwald or Isle of Man Government are available to view and purchase.​​


The Office maintain a secondary legislation reference collection online: 

    • ​Secondary legislation, also known as subordinate legislation, is legislation made under the authority of primary, enabling, legislation. In the Isle of Man there are two types of secondary legislation, statutory documents and UK secondary legislation that applies to the Isle of Man.
    • Up to 1993, Government Circulars included statutory documents such as regulations, extra-statutory documents such as tax concessions, and public notices such as road closures. 
      • Search Government Circulars 1920 to date
      • ​Search Secondary Legislation 1993 to date
    • Further information about secondary legislation can be found in Chapter 7 of the Tynwald Companion.

The following collections of material are available from on request or by appointment:

  • Manx law (though not all Manx law cases), Debates of the Legislature 1888-date, and most reports of the Legislature and Executive Government that have been laid before Tynwald since 1906; and

  • Manx Statutes from 1417 and secondary legislation from the 18th Century to date.

catalogue of physical copies may be accessed at​

Other resources​

The Library works in close co-operation with HM Attorney-General's Chamber, the Manx Museum Library and other collections, both on and off the Island, in order to supplement resources.