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What is the Legislative Council?

The Legislative Council has 11 Members (Members of the Legislative Council or MLCs). They are The President of Tynwald, The Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man, The Attorney General and 8 Members elected by the Members of the House of Keys.

The earliest historical reference to the Legislative Council is thought to be in the 'Chronicle of the Kings of Man and the Isles' in the story of the Norse King of Man and the Isles, Reginald Godredsson. In 1208 he promised to ‘take counsel with his men’ in respect to his brother Olaf’s claim for a share of the kingdom. This claim was finally settled by battle at the St. John’s Tynwald site in 1228 when Reginald was killed.

The primary function of the modern Legislative Council is to consider and advise on new legislation, usually initiated in the House of Keys.

This symbol can be found on the President's chair in the the Legislative Council Chamber. The chair was a gift from the Australian Parliament in Millenium Year, 1979. Click on it to look at a seating plan to see who the MLCs are.