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​​2020 Media Releases

To open any of the media releases listed below, click on the document icon. 
2063.aspxStart time of 10.30 am for Justice Committee Oral Evidence Hearing 24th July 24/07/2020
2062.aspxHouse of Keys Committee on the Education Bill 2020 Call for Evidence09/07/2020
2061.aspxHealth and Social Care Minister to appear before the Committee07/07/2020
2060.aspxLand Registrar to appear before Committee30/06/2020
2058.aspxTynwald Day Your Way26/06/2020
2057.aspxSittings of the Branches return to the Legislative Buildings18/06/2020
2056.aspxTynwald to sit in its Chamber15/06/2020
2054.aspxDouglas Promenade Scheme Committee to hear evidence02/06/2020
2053.aspxScrutiny of education during the emergency period02/06/2020
2055.aspxAbbotswood Committee hearing postponed29/05/2020
2052.aspxAbbotswood Nursing Home Committee to hear oral evidence28/05/2020
2051.aspxRevised Petitions for Redress Process for Tynwald Day 202026/05/2020
2048.aspxNavigating COVID 19 challenges Tynwald participates in CPA webinars26/05/2020
2047.aspxTynwald Day 2020 25/05/2020
2049.aspxDouglas Promenade Scheme Call for Evidence22/05/2020
2050.aspxSittings of Tynwald Court and the Branches22/05/2020
2045.aspxExploring Health and Economic Priorities as we Stay Safe18/05/2020
2046.aspxSitting of the Legislative Council on 27th May15/05/2020
2044.aspxFinancial support schemes to be scrutinised08/05/2020
2043.aspxSitting of the House of Keys on 15th May 202006/05/2020
2041.aspxCOVID-19: President of Tynwald pays tribute to front-line workers03/05/2020
2042.aspxBusiness support schemes to be scrutinised01/05/2020
2040.aspxGrandparents' Rights : Petitioners to appear before Committee30/04/2020
2039.aspxTynwald Committees to scrutinise Government response to coronavirus29/04/2020
2038.aspxFireworks : Committee to hear oral evidence24/04/2020
2037.aspxSocial Affairs Policy Review Committee to Hear Evidence on Safeguarding16/04/2020
2036.aspxSpeaker hails virtual sittings of Tynwald positive development15/04/2020
2034.aspxTynwald Sitting 7th April 202007/04/2020
2035.aspxNext Tynwald Court Sittings09/04/2020
2033.aspxBusiness on Friday 3rd April 202002/04/2020
2032.aspxTynwald Day changes announced by President of Tynwald02/04/2020
2030.aspxCOVID - 19 Every effort being made to safeguard parliamentary democracy say Presiding Officers of Tynwald31/03/2020
2031.aspxBusiness on Tuesday 31st March 202030/03/2020
2027.aspx​​Extraordinary sitting of Tynwald25/03/2020
2028.aspxCancelled: Next Legislative Council Sittings26/03/2020
2026.aspxThe Economic Policy Review Committee 25th March 2020 public oral evidence hearing is cancelled24/03/2020
2025.aspxThe presiding officers have set out how parliamentary business will carry on over the coming six to eight weeks.23/03/2020
2023.aspxFuture of the Post Office: Oral Evidence19/03/2020
2024.aspxPublic Restrictions in Legislative Buildings18/03/2020
2022.aspxLand Registrar to appear before Committee16/03/2020
2021.aspxLegislative Council - newly elected Members12/03/2020
2020.aspxLegislative Council Elections 2020: Tim Crookall withdrawal05/03/2020
2019.aspxMinister for Infrastructure to appear before Committee04/03/2020
2018.aspxFireworks Act 2004: Call for Evidence04/03/2020
2017.aspxPresident of Tynwald pays tribute to the late David Callister02/03/2020
2016.aspxLegislative Council Elections 2020: Ten Candidates for Four Positions26/02/2020
2015.aspxSpeaker of the House of Keys joins tributes to Bill Malarkey MHK21/02/2020
2014.aspxPresident of Tynwald pays tribute to the late Bill Malarkey MHK21/02/2020
2013.aspxIsle of Media evidence to the Media Development Fund inquiry17/02/2020
2011.aspxFinancial Services Authority to appear before Economic Policy Review Committee11/02/2020
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