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Tynwald Decisions

This list is managed by the Isle of Man Government Cabinet Office.

The Tynwald Policy Decisions Report lists all Tynwald policy decisions including recommendations of Tynwald Committees to be actioned by Government.

The responses to Tynwald policy decisions may require action over a number of years for example if legislation is proposed. Policy decisions therefore remain within the list until completed actions have been reported to Tynwald. Tynwald decisions which are not for action by Government e.g. the establishment of a Tynwald Select Committee are not included.

All Tynwald policy decisions contained within the Tynwald Policy Decisions Report have a responsible Department, Board or Office.

Tynwald policy decisions are listed in chronological order with a unique reference number, the month and year of the decision, the Tynwald decision, a short commentary on the action taken by Government and an overview of the status as to whether the policy decision has been `Implemented',' Ongoing', 'Under Consideration', 'Carried Forward' or 'Closed' (not to be Implemented). The definitions of status are:

Implemented — all necessary work has been completed
Ongoing — work has begun on complying with the Tynwald decision
Under Consideration — Department has looked at the Tynwald decision, it has been discussed but actual work has not yet commenced
Carried Forward — Tynwald decision relates to a long standing commitment or the Department is waiting to proceed
Closed — Tynwald decision is not to be implemented as the Department has decided not to proceed, a very strong justification should be used in the 'Action Taken' column to explain this decision. Departments must not rely on this Report as the sole mechanism for reporting to Tynwald Members that a decision has been closed and must separately report or make a statement to Tynwald on the reasons why the Tynwald decision is not to be implemented.


The Tynwald Policy Decisions Report is collated and compiled by the Cabinet Office from the action, information and allocated status provided by the various Departments, Offices and Statutory Boards.
Further information on any of the Tynwald policy decisions can be obtained from the responsible Department, Board or Office in the first instance.