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What is the House of Keys?

The House of Keys is a branch of Tynwald. The House of Keys has 24 Members called Members of the House of Keys or MHKs.

Every five years the people of the Isle of Man, aged 16 or over, can vote in an election to choose who will become MHKs.

Link to IOM ConstituenciesEach MHK represents a part of the Isle of Man called a constituency. There are 12 constituencies, each with 2 MHKs. Click on the map to the right to try and find your school's constituency, or use the Government's online mapping service.

MHKs think about the interests of their constituents when they are debating (talking about) new laws. They can also ask questions about how the Government is running the Isle of Man.

The Speaker is in charge in the House of Keys. He is elected, which means chosen, by all of the MHKs.

Link to the House of Keys Seating PlanThe ram's horn snuff box sits on the Speaker's desk in the House of Keys. Click on it to open the seating plan and see who the MHKs are now.