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House of Keys 1417 to Date - Alphabetical

The following list of members of the House of Keys has been taken from that prepared by H.M. Attorney General for the Isle of Man (Mr R. B. Moore) and presented to the Speaker of the House (Speaker Clucas) in 1933. Since then it has been kept up to date and serves as an unofficial Roll of Members of the House.

Our records do not go back beyond 1417, although it is obvious from the Customary Laws Act 1417, which contains an account of Tynwald prepared for the guidance of the King of Mann, that the Keys is of much earlier origin.

Written records exist from 1417 and the Roll of Members is compiled from (1) the Acts of Tynwald from 1417; (2) the Liber Scaccari from 1585; and (3) the Liber Juratorum from 1775.

Those from the first source are unfortunately incomplete; many members of the House of Keys did not sign any Act of Tynwald. However, it is thought that from the beginning of the Liber Scaccari in 1585 the list is complete. An asterisk against the name of a member indicates that an amendment has been made to correct an error in the Roll of Members. 

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Taggart, George1952 - 1958
Taubman, John1723, 1740
Taubman, John1753, 1777
Taubman, John1777, 1821
Taubman, John1785, 1811
Taubman, John1815, 1819
Taubman, John Leigh Goldie1918 - 1922
Taubman, John Senhouse Goldie1859, 1897
Taubman, John Taubman Goldie1829, 1849
Taylor, Robert1504
Teare, Albert Hugh1918 - 1929
Teare, Alfred Cecil1953 - 1962
Teare, Alfred James1919 - 1950
Teare, Daniel1887 - 1891
Teare, Daniel Joughin1919 - 1942
Teare, Hugo Douglas1981 - 1984Biog
Teare, John1638, 1661
Teare, John1826, 1846
Teare, Richard1871, 1874
Teare, Robert1874, 1881
Teare, William Edward2004 - 2016Biog
Tellett, Daniel1793, 1809
Thomas, Christopher Charles2013-2016, 2016-2021, 2021-Biog
Thompson, Nicholas1677, 1700
Thompson, Thomas1650, 1653
Thornton-Duesbery, Jean Constance Catherine1966 - 1976Biog
Tobin, Caesar1819, 1830
Tomelynson, Pat.1417
Tubman, John1611
Tubman, John1663, 1690
Tubman, Silvester1628, 1642
Tubman, Thomas1650
Tyldersley, Richard1733, 1780
Tyldesley, Thurston1684, 1696
Tyldesley, Wm.1604, 1656
Tyldesley, Wm.1707, 1719
Vereker, Colin Leopold Prendergast1966 - 1971Biog
Vondy, Thomas1883 - 1891
Waft, George Henry1991 - 1994Biog
Walker, Miles Rawstron1976 - 2001Biog
Walton, John Waring1913 - 1919
Ward, Eden Matthew1974 - 1985Biog
Watterson, Henry1644, 1656
Watterson, Henry John1867, 1891
Watterson, Henry John1880 - 1891
Watterson, Juan Paul2006-2011, 2011-2016, 2016-2021, 2021-Biog
Watterson, Patrick1507
Watterson, Roger Lee1976 - 1981Biog
Watterson, Thomas1656
Wattleworth, Caesar1694, 1699
Wattleworth, John1689, 1734
Wattleworth, John1719, 1748
Wattleworth, Samuel1774, 1797
Whetstone, Thomas1610, 1611
Wilks, Mark1810, 1830
Williamson, Robert1891 - 1897
Wilson, Daniel Fleming1824, 1827
Wilson, Daniel Fleming1844, 1847
Wilson, Senhouse1854, 1858
Woods, George Augustus1841, 1851
Woods, John1615
Woods, Thomas1585, 1609, 1611
Woods, Thomas1609, 1610
Woods, Thomas1663, 1700
Woods, William Baring (Stevenson)1867, 1891
Yluorry, Jo.1507
Yvenowe, William de (Yveno)1417 (1429, 1430)