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House of Keys 1417 to Date - Alphabetical

The following list of members of the House of Keys has been taken from that prepared by H.M. Attorney General for the Isle of Man (Mr R. B. Moore) and presented to the Speaker of the House (Speaker Clucas) in 1933. Since then it has been kept up to date and serves as an unofficial Roll of Members of the House.

Our records do not go back beyond 1417, although it is obvious from the Customary Laws Act 1417, which contains an account of Tynwald prepared for the guidance of the King of Mann, that the Keys is of much earlier origin.

Written records exist from 1417 and the Roll of Members is compiled from (1) the Acts of Tynwald from 1417; (2) the Liber Scaccari from 1585; and (3) the Liber Juratorum from 1775.

Those from the first source are unfortunately incomplete; many members of the House of Keys did not sign any Act of Tynwald. However, it is thought that from the beginning of the Liber Scaccari in 1585 the list is complete. An asterisk against the name of a member indicates that an amendment has been made to correct an error in the Roll of Members. 

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Abelson, Doncan1417
Abelson, Willm1417
Alcock, William Henry1929 - 1946
Alisandre, Willm. (McAlexander, Wm)1417, 1429
Allen, Thomas1783, 1806
Allen, Thomas1886 - 1903
Allinson, Alexander John2016-2021, 2021-Biog
Anderson, David Moore2001 -2015Biog
Anderson, John1833, 1842
Anderson, Robert John Gurney1966 - 1982Biog
Anderson, Samuel Walker1916 - 1919
Anderson, William James1881 - 1886
Ashford, David John2016-2021, 2021-Biog
Baker, Timothy Simon2016-2021Biog
Bankes, James1603, 1615
Banks, George1656
Banks, James1693, 1733
Banks, Robert1808, 1815
Barber, Clare Louise2016-2021, 2021-Biog
Barrey, John1670, 1691
Barry, Robert1643, 1649
Barton, Brian1986 - 1988Biog
Beecroft, Kathleen Joan2011-2016, 2016-2020See Costain, Kathleen Joan
Bell, Allan Robert1984 - 2016Biog
Bell, John James1964 - 1966, 1968 - 1976Biog
Bennett, John George1851, 1867
Bettison, Clare Louise2016-2021, 2021-See Barber, Clare Louise
Bolton, John Brown1946 - 1962Biog
Boot, Geoffrey George2015-2016, 2016-2021Biog
Braidwood, Robert Philip1995 - 2010Biog
Brew, James1790, 1808
Brew, John William1942 - 1953
Bridson, Annie Dorothy1951 - 1956Biog
Bridson, John1684, 1707
Bridson, John1838, 1852
Bridson, Thomas Gerald1919 - 1924, 1942 - 1946
Bridson, William1603, 1630
Bridson, William1823, 1830
Brooke, John1874, 1881
Brown, James Anthony1981 - 2011Biog
Brownsdon, Thomas Edward1951 - 1956Biog
Burke, Charles Edward1966 - 1971Biog
Burnyeat, John1887 - 1891
Butler, Norman Alan1986 - 1991Biog