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Abelson, Doncan1417House of KeysA-B
Abelson, Willm1417House of KeysA-B
Alcock, William Henry1929 - 1946House of KeysA-B
Alisandre, Willm. (McAlexander, Wm)1417, 1429House of KeysA-B
Allen, Thomas1783, 1806House of KeysA-B
Allen, Thomas1886 - 1903House of KeysA-B
Allinson, Alexander John2016-2021, 2021-BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Anderson, David Moore2001 -2015BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Anderson, John1833, 1842House of KeysA-B
Anderson, Robert John Gurney1966 - 1982BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Anderson, Samuel Walker1916 - 1919House of KeysA-B
Anderson, William James1881 - 1886House of KeysA-B
Ashford, David John2016-2021, 2021-BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Baker, Timothy Simon2016-2021BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Bankes, James1603, 1615House of KeysA-B
Banks, George1656House of KeysA-B
Banks, James1693, 1733House of KeysA-B
Banks, Robert1808, 1815House of KeysA-B
Barber, Clare Louise2016-2021, 2021-BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Barrey, John1670, 1691House of KeysA-B
Barry, Robert1643, 1649House of KeysA-B
Barton, Brian1986 - 1988BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Beecroft, Kathleen Joan2011-2016, 2016-2020See Costain, Kathleen JoanHouse of KeysA-B
Bell, Allan Robert1984 - 2016BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Bell, John James1964 - 1966, 1968 - 1976BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Bennett, John George1851, 1867House of KeysA-B
Bettison, Clare Louise2016-2021, 2021-See Barber, Clare LouiseHouse of KeysA-B
Bolton, John Brown1946 - 1962BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Boot, Geoffrey George2015-2016, 2016-2021BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Braidwood, Robert Philip1995 - 2010BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Brew, James1790, 1808House of KeysA-B
Brew, John William1942 - 1953House of KeysA-B
Bridson, Annie Dorothy1951 - 1956BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Bridson, John1684, 1707House of KeysA-B
Bridson, John1838, 1852House of KeysA-B
Bridson, Thomas Gerald1919 - 1924, 1942 - 1946House of KeysA-B
Bridson, William1603, 1630House of KeysA-B
Bridson, William1823, 1830House of KeysA-B
Brooke, John1874, 1881House of KeysA-B
Brown, James Anthony1981 - 2011BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Brownsdon, Thomas Edward1951 - 1956BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Burke, Charles Edward1966 - 1971BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Burnyeat, John1887 - 1891House of KeysA-B
Butler, Norman Alan1986 - 1991BiogHouse of KeysA-B
Cadman, Peter1900 - 1908House of KeysC
Caesar, John1643, 1653House of KeysC
Caesar, John1768, 1789House of KeysC
Caesar, Robert1737, 1743House of KeysC
Cain, Charles Arthur1981 - 1986BiogHouse of KeysC
Cain, Harold Stanley1958 - 1966House of KeysC
Cain, James Crookall1986 - 1996BiogHouse of KeysC
Cain, James Mylchreest1956 - 1966BiogHouse of KeysC
Cain, Richard1919 - 1934House of KeysC
Cain, Robert Caesar1919 - 1924House of KeysC
Caine, Daphne Hilary Penelope2016-2021, 2021-BiogHouse of KeysC
Caine, Thomas Henry Hall1901 - 1918House of KeysC
Calcott, Arthur1680, 1693House of KeysC
Calcott, Henry1585House of KeysC
Calcott, Henry1617, 1650House of KeysC
Calcott, Henry1677House of KeysC
Calcott, Robert1661, 1667House of KeysC
Caley, Henry1647House of KeysC
Callin, Alured Arnold1976 - 1985BiogHouse of KeysC
Callister, Edward1917 - 1924House of KeysC
Callister, John Edward1956 - 1971House of KeysC
Callister, John Edward1966 - 1971House of KeysC
Callister, Joseph1942 - 1946House of KeysC
Callister, Joseph Lucas1959 - 1962House of KeysC
Callister, Rob Edward2016-2021, 2021-BiogHouse of KeysC
Callister, William1849, 1869House of KeysC
Callow, Daniel1780, 1790House of KeysC
Callow, Frederick George1898 - 1900House of KeysC
Callow, Gilbert1593, 1602House of KeysC
Callow, Thomas1924 - 1942House of KeysC
Callow, William1768, 1790House of KeysC
Callow, William1773, 1797House of KeysC
Caloe, Thomas (Gilbert)1585House of KeysC
Cameron, Ewan1848, 1856House of KeysC
Campbell, Dugold1829House of KeysC
Cane, John1624House of KeysC
Cannan, Alfred Louis2011-2016, 2016-2021, 2021-BiogHouse of KeysC
Cannan, John David Qualtrough1982 - 2011BiogHouse of KeysC
Cannan, John William *1906 - 1913, 1924 - 1929House of KeysC
Cannell, Brenda Josephine1996 - 2015BiogHouse of KeysC
Cannell, Geoffrey Thornton1998 - 2001BiogHouse of KeysC
Cannell, Hugh1659House of KeysC
Cannell, Richard Cowley1946 - 1959House of KeysC
Cannell, Thomas Quine1943 - 1956House of KeysC
Carine, Mark1913 - 1919House of KeysC
Carran, Thomas1830, 1847House of KeysC
Casement, Thomas1656, 1670House of KeysC
Cayne, Dollin1609, 1611House of KeysC
Cayne, John1618, 1644House of KeysC
Cayne, John1647, 1663House of KeysC
Cayne, Thomas1653, 1665House of KeysC
Cayne, William1593, 1618House of KeysC
Cayne, William1663, 1686House of KeysC
Chary, Thomas1507House of KeysC
Christian, Alfred1908 - 1919House of KeysC
Christian, Charles1667, 1668House of KeysC
Christian, Charles1671, 1697House of KeysC
Christian, Claire Sarah Beverley2020-2021, 2021-BiogHouse of KeysC
Christian, Clare Margaret1980 - 1986BiogHouse of KeysC
Christian, David1628, 1647House of KeysC
Christian, Don1507House of KeysC
Christian, Don.1585, 1600House of KeysC
Christian, Edward1603, 1642House of KeysC
Christian, Edward1610House of KeysC
Christian, Edward1655, 1663House of KeysC
Christian, Edward1677House of KeysC
Christian, Edward1733, 1763House of KeysC
Christian, Edward Henry1897 - 1900House of KeysC
Christian, Edward Thomas1895 - 1900House of KeysC
Christian, Ewan1585, 1605House of KeysC
Christian, Ewan1669, 1688House of KeysC
Christian, Ewan1700, 1711House of KeysC
Christian, Ewan John1874, 1876House of KeysC
Christian, James1694, 1714House of KeysC
Christian, James1711, 1731House of KeysC
Christian, John1605, 1613House of KeysC
Christian, John1630House of KeysC
Christian, John1638, 1649House of KeysC
Christian, John1710, 1723House of KeysC
Christian, John1723, 1752House of KeysC
Christian, John1733, 1736House of KeysC
Christian, John1739, 1773House of KeysC
Christian, John1777, 1790House of KeysC
Christian, John1805, 1822House of KeysC
Christian, John Edward1867, 1868House of KeysC
Christian, John James1976 - 1981BiogHouse of KeysC
Christian, Math.1733, 1777House of KeysC
Christian, Matthew1763House of KeysC
Christian, Nicholas1688, 1721House of KeysC
Christian, Patrick1669, 1697House of KeysC
Christian, Rev. William Bell1866, 1883House of KeysC
Christian, Robert1507House of KeysC
Christian, Robert1593, 1624House of KeysC
Christian, Robert1632, 1634House of KeysC
Christian, Robert1696, 1714House of KeysC
Christian, Thomas1685, 1711House of KeysC
Christian, Thomas1712, 1723House of KeysC
Christian, Thomas1719, 1726House of KeysC
Christian, Thomas1728, 1730House of KeysC
Christian, Thomas1739, 1771House of KeysC
Christian, Thomas1775, 1780House of KeysC
Christian, Thomas1795, 1797House of KeysC
Christian, William1603, 1610House of KeysC
Christian, William1609, 1643House of KeysC
Christian, William1639, 1644House of KeysC
Christian, William1716, 1734House of KeysC
Christian, William1776, 1806House of KeysC
Christian, William1836, 1840House of KeysC
Christian, William1910 - 1919House of KeysC
Christian, William Watson1829, 1849House of KeysC
Christian, Wm.1663, 1689House of KeysC
Christian, Wm.1690, 1707House of KeysC
Christian, Wm. (Knockrugh)1653, 1657House of KeysC
Clague, Thomas1897 - 1900House of KeysC
Clark, John1585, 1593House of KeysC
Clarke, Dollin1650, 1663House of KeysC
Clarke, Patrick1585House of KeysC
Clarke, Robert1624, 1642House of KeysC
Clarke, Thomas1593, 1604House of KeysC
Clarke, Wm1628, 1630House of KeysC
Clinton, James1933 - 1946House of KeysC
Cloage, Thomas1665, 1666House of KeysC
Cloage, William1642, 1657House of KeysC
Clucas, Frederick Brew1864, 1865House of KeysC
Clucas, George Frederick1908 - 1910, 1919 - 1937House of KeysC
Clucas, John1739, 1770House of KeysC
Clucas, John Callister1970 - 1976BiogHouse of KeysC
Clucas, John Donald1897 - 1903, 1906 - 1913, 1919 - 1924House of KeysC
Clucas, John Thomas1874, 1887House of KeysC
Clucas, Robert1900 - 1919House of KeysC
Clucas, Thomas1847, 1859House of KeysC
Clucas, Thomas1935 - 1946House of KeysC
Clucas, William Philip1924 - 1933House of KeysC
Colebourn, Thomas Harold1960 - 1966House of KeysC
Collister, Robert Hartwell1909 - 1913House of KeysC
Coole, Thomas Arthur1950 - 1965House of KeysC
Corkhill, Thomas Ffinlo1946 - 1966BiogHouse of KeysC
Corkill, Richard Kenneth1991 - 2006BiogHouse of KeysC
Corkish, Charles Geoffrey2006 - 2013BiogHouse of KeysC
Corkish, Thomas Albert1958 - 1971House of KeysC
Corkish, Thomas Albert1966 - 1971House of KeysC
Corleod, William1613, 1623House of KeysC
Corlett, Catherine Ann2016-2021, 2021-BiogHouse of KeysC
Corlett, Henry Knowles1946 - 1962House of KeysC
Corlett, John1504House of KeysC
Corlett, John1689, 1704House of KeysC
Corlett, John1793, 1814House of KeysC
Corlett, Robert1879 - 1902House of KeysC
Corlett, Robert Sayle1902 - 1919House of KeysC
Corlett, Thomas1628, 1630House of KeysC
Corlett, Thomas1808, 1815House of KeysC
Corlett, Thomas1891 - 1903House of KeysC
Corlett, Thomas Arthur1777, 1784House of KeysC
Corlett, Thomas Stephen1919 - 1921House of KeysC
Corlett, William1845, 1851House of KeysC
Corlett, William David1991 - 1995House of KeysC
Corlett, William John1909 - 1916House of KeysC
Cormode, Daniel *1883 - 1897House of KeysC
Cormode, Thomas Henry1903 - 1919House of KeysC
Corrin, James Robinson1919 - 1928House of KeysC
Corrin, John1986 - 1996BiogHouse of KeysC
Corrin, Robert1870, 1876House of KeysC
Corrin, William1507House of KeysC
Corteen, Edward1813, 1815House of KeysC
Cosnahan, Hugh1764, 1779House of KeysC
Cosnahan, John1779, 1800House of KeysC
Cosnahan, John1793, 1808House of KeysC
Costain, Alfred1907 - 1909House of KeysC
Costain, Kathleen Joan2011-2016, 2016-2020BiogHouse of KeysC
Costeane, William1507House of KeysC
Cottier, Arthur James1929 - 1950House of KeysC
Cottier, John1881 - 1887House of KeysC
Cottier, Robert Edward1951 - 1956House of KeysC
Coupe, Percy1962 - 1966BiogHouse of KeysC
Cowell, John1639House of KeysC
Cowell, John Robert1881 - 1900House of KeysC
Cowell, John Thomas1891 - 1909House of KeysC
Cowell, William Frederick1913 - 1919, 1924 - 1933House of KeysC
Cowin, John Henry Lockhart1933 - 1946House of KeysC
Cowin, Katherine Elizabeth1971 - 1976BiogHouse of KeysC
Cowin, Thomas Collister1946 - 1955House of KeysC
Cowin, Walter Kewley1924 - 1942House of KeysC
Cowle, Charles Hamilton Edward1864, 1867House of KeysC
Cowle, James1620, 1622House of KeysC
Cowle, Richard1610, 1611House of KeysC
Cowley, Robert1897 - 1906House of KeysC
Craine, Anne Valerie2003 - 2011BiogHouse of KeysC
Craine, Peter Alfred1976 - 1981BiogHouse of KeysC
Craine, Thomas1593, 1602House of KeysC
Craine, Thomas1867, 1878House of KeysC
Craine, Walter Clucas1924 - 1946,1950 - 1956House of KeysC
Creer, John Robert1962 - 1981BiogHouse of KeysC
Cregeen, Graham Derek2006-2011, 2011-2016, 2016-2021BiogHouse of KeysC
Crellin, Geoffrey Thomas1966 - 1975BiogHouse of KeysC
Crellin, John Christian1816, 1830House of KeysC
Crellin, John Christian1887 - 1907House of KeysC
Crellin, John Frissell1792, 1795House of KeysC
Crellin, John Frissell1843, 1869House of KeysC
Crellin, John Frissell1924 - 1943House of KeysC
Crellin, Thomas1628, 1644House of KeysC
Crennell, William1883 - 1887House of KeysC
Crennell, William Taubman1900 - 1918House of KeysC
Cretney, David Clifford1985 - 2015BiogHouse of KeysC
Cretney, Louis Ronald1988 - 1991House of KeysC
Cringle, Noel Quayle1974 - 1986, 1991 - 2000BiogHouse of KeysC
Crookall, Arthur Binns1921 - 1934House of KeysC
Crookall, Timothy Mark2006-2011, 2011-2015, 2021-BiogHouse of KeysC
Cross, Giles1585House of KeysC
Cross, John1609, 1611House of KeysC
Cross, Philip1593, 1618House of KeysC
Cross, Thomas1585, 1593, 1600House of KeysC
Crowe, Edward Alan1995 - 1998BiogHouse of KeysC
Crowe, Edwin Norman1956 - 1970BiogHouse of KeysC
Crowe, Frank Herbert1942 - 1956House of KeysC
Crowe, Pamela Mavis1996 - 2003BiogHouse of KeysC
Cubbon, Wm.1748, 1797House of KeysC
Cummings, James1815, 1823House of KeysC
Cuninghame, Patrick Taubman1853, 1867House of KeysC
Cuninghame, Robert1824, 1830House of KeysC
Cuninghame, William1806, 1824House of KeysC
Cunningham, Joseph1915 - 1919House of KeysC
Curghey, John1702, 1728House of KeysC
Curghey, Quayle1733, 1763House of KeysC
Curghey, Robert1696, 1728House of KeysC
Curghy, Ewan1653, 1667House of KeysC
Curgie, John1619, 1651House of KeysC
Curgie, Wm.1632House of KeysC
Curleod, Thomas1610, 1629House of KeysC
Curleod, Wm. (Cleanage)1663, 1675House of KeysC
Curleot, Thomas1696, 1725House of KeysC
Curlett, Edmond1704, 1737House of KeysC
Curlett, Thomas1725House of KeysC
Curphey, Edward James1907 - 1929House of KeysC
Curphey, John1783, 1795House of KeysC
Curwen, John Christian1791, 1825House of KeysC
Cyrleod, William (Glen Trammon)1659, 1684House of KeysC
Dalgleish, Frank Samuel1917 - 1931House of KeysD-H
Dalrymple, William1867, 1889House of KeysD-H
Delaney, Dominic Francis Kevin1976 - 1995, 2005 - 2006BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Delaney, Julia1986 - 1991BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Devereau, George Alfred1966 - 1976House of KeysD-H
Douglas, Andrew Cowin2002 - 2006BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Downie, Alexander Frank1991 - 2005BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Drinkwater, Wm. Leece1814, 1830House of KeysD-H
Drummond, George Henry1946 - 1951House of KeysD-H
Duggan, Adrian Carlos1981 - 2006BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Dumbell, George William1840, 1857House of KeysD-H
Dumbell, George William1867, 1880House of KeysD-H
Dunlop, Anthony1820, 1827House of KeysD-H
Earnshaw, Adrian John2001 - 2011BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Edge, Julie Marie2016-2021, 2021-BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Edmonds, John Frederick1970 - 1971BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Faragher, Charles Harry1982 - 1986BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Faragher, Joney Leanne2021-BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Faragher, Tom Cubbon1965 - 1976House of KeysD-H
Fargher, Eric Wilfred1937 - 1946BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Fargher, John1662, 1667House of KeysD-H
Fargher, John1704, 1728House of KeysD-H
Fargher, John Evanson1946 - 1951House of KeysD-H
Fargher, Thomas1751, 1780House of KeysD-H
Farke, Jo.1507House of KeysD-H
Farrant, Edward Curphey1852, 1866, 1867, 1886House of KeysD-H
Farrant, Ewan Bridson Curphey1934 - 1946, 1950 - 1954House of KeysD-H
Farrant, Robert1800, 1820House of KeysD-H
Farrant, William1820, 1852House of KeysD-H
Farrant, William1858, 1866, 1875 - 1891House of KeysD-H
Farrant, William1875 - 1881, 1885 - 1892House of KeysD-H
Faulder, Edward1859, 1867House of KeysD-H
Fisher, Thomas1886 - 1897House of KeysD-H
Fitzsimmons, William1806, 1817House of KeysD-H
Fletcher, Ed.1669, 1674House of KeysD-H
Fletcher, Edward1603, 1614House of KeysD-H
Fletcher, Edward1624House of KeysD-H
Fletcher, Thomas1649, 1664House of KeysD-H
Fletcher, Thomas1677House of KeysD-H
Fletcher, William1632House of KeysD-H
Forbes, Edward1831, 1842House of KeysD-H
Frissell, John1748, 1787House of KeysD-H
Gale, George Crossley1958 - 1964House of KeysD-H
Garrett, Hewson (Ewan)1593, 1605House of KeysD-H
Garrett, John1633, 1673House of KeysD-H
Garrett, John1685, 1693House of KeysD-H
Garrett, John1710, 1738House of KeysD-H
Garrett, Philip1836, 1846House of KeysD-H
Garrett, Phillip1604, 1632House of KeysD-H
Garside, Joseph1913 - 1919House of KeysD-H
Gawne, Edward1780, 1790House of KeysD-H
Gawne, Edward1803, 1825House of KeysD-H
Gawne, Edward Brian1903 - 1916House of KeysD-H
Gawne, Edward Moore1829, 1866House of KeysD-H
Gawne, Philip Anderson2003 - 2016BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Gawne, Thomas1740, 1776House of KeysD-H
Gawne, Thomas1794, 1814House of KeysD-H
Gawne, William1585House of KeysD-H
Gawne, William1647, 1663House of KeysD-H
Gawne, Wm.1632, 1634House of KeysD-H
Gell, Evan1844, 1874House of KeysD-H
Gell, John1854, 1868House of KeysD-H
Gell, John James1874, 1882House of KeysD-H
Gelling, Brian1982 - 1984BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Gelling, Donald James1986 - 2002BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Gelling, John1812, 1819House of KeysD-H
Gelling, John Caesar1813, 1824House of KeysD-H
Gelling, Patrick1691, 1697House of KeysD-H
Gerrard, Lawrence1951 - 1956BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Gilbey, Walter Anthony1982 - 2001BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Gill, Charles1919 - 1935House of KeysD-H
Gill, Edmond1614, 1630House of KeysD-H
Gill, Quintin Bennett2001 - 2011BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Gilownie, William1504House of KeysD-H
Glover, Timothy Simon2021-BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Goldie, Alexander John1819, 1830House of KeysD-H
Goldie, George1853, 1862House of KeysD-H
Goldie, Mark Wilks1851, 1872House of KeysD-H
Goldmith, William1900 - 1908House of KeysD-H
Goldsmith, John Grelling1868, 1871House of KeysD-H
Goldsmith, John James1891 - 1905House of KeysD-H
Grayne, Wm.1632, 1649House of KeysD-H
Groves, Terence Randolph Alexander1991 - 1996BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Hall, Zac2011-2016BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Halsall, Edward1620, 1632House of KeysD-H
Hampton, Robert Quine1934 - 1946House of KeysD-H
Hannan, Hazel1986 - 2006BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Hanson, Betty Quirk1974 - 1982BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Harmer, Raymond Karl2015-2016, 2016-2021BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Harrison, David1755, 1764House of KeysD-H
Harrison, John1677House of KeysD-H
Harrison, John1700, 1729House of KeysD-H
Harrison, John1792, 1812House of KeysD-H
Harrison, John Caesar Tobin1865, 1869House of KeysD-H
Harrison, Paul1504House of KeysD-H
Harrison, Richard1673, 1674House of KeysD-H
Harrison, Richard1844, 1852House of KeysD-H
Harrison, Ridgway1856, 1867House of KeysD-H
Harrison, Thomas1666, 1687House of KeysD-H
Harrison, Thomas1802, 1824House of KeysD-H
Harrison, Thomas1819, 1827House of KeysD-H
Harrison, William1593, 1601House of KeysD-H
Harrison, William1856, 1867House of KeysD-H
Hartwell, Francis Brodrick1825, 1827House of KeysD-H
Haslam, William1858, 1871House of KeysD-H
Haywood, Michelle Elena Kay2021-BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Henderson, Robert William1998 - 2015BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Heywood, Calcott1801, 1836House of KeysD-H
Heywood, Calcott1815, 1830House of KeysD-H
Heywood, John Joseph1815, 1823House of KeysD-H
Heywood, Peter John1764, 1765House of KeysD-H
Heywood, Robert1790, 1793House of KeysD-H
Heywood, Thomas1733, 1759House of KeysD-H
Higgins, George1946 - 1951House of KeysD-H
Hinds, William1833, 1849House of KeysD-H
Hislop, Peter George1970 - 1976House of KeysD-H
Hooper, Lawrie Lee2016-2021, 2021-BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Houghton, John Ramsey1996 - 2016BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Howarth, Gordon1971 - 1974BiogHouse of KeysD-H
Huddleston, Thomas1612, 1647House of KeysD-H
Huddleston, Thomas1663, 1673House of KeysD-H
Huddleston, Thomas1685, 1696House of KeysD-H
Huddleston, Thomas1735, 1737House of KeysD-H
Hughes, John1811, 1827House of KeysD-H
Hutchen, William1585, 1613House of KeysD-H
Hutchin, William1616, 1630House of KeysD-H
Hutchinson, William Arthur1900 - 1908House of KeysD-H
Huthen, William1507House of KeysD-H
Hymen, Pat1507House of KeysD-H
Irving, Edward Clifford1955 - 1962, 1966 - 1981, 1984 - 1986BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Jeffcott, John Moore1855, 1867, 1874 - 1881House of KeysI-L
Johane, Phill.1507House of KeysI-L
Johnson, Ramsey Gelling1924 - 1929House of KeysI-L
Johnston, Timothy David2021-BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Joughin, John1876 - 1900House of KeysI-L
Joughin, Jon2015-2016BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Kaighin, John1689, 1700House of KeysI-L
Kaighin, John *1900House of KeysI-L
Kaneen, William Bowman1956 - 1966BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Karran, Peter1985 - 2016BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Kayll, Arthur Cowle1877 - 1882House of KeysI-L
Kee, John1644, 1647House of KeysI-L
Kelly, Ambrose Spencer1946 - 1966House of KeysI-L
Kelly, James1795, 1800House of KeysI-L
Kelly, John1833, 1855House of KeysI-L
Kelly, John1874, 1897House of KeysI-L
Kelly, John1929 - 1934, 1943 - 1946House of KeysI-L
Kelly, William1820, 1823House of KeysI-L
Kelly, William Arthur1928 - 1929, 1931 - 1946House of KeysI-L
Kennedy, John1787, 1795House of KeysI-L
Kennish, Thomas Charles1907House of KeysI-L
Kermeen, George Moore1970 - 1976House of KeysI-L
Kermeen, Thomas Edward1976 - 1981BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Kermeen, William1919 - 1924House of KeysI-L
Kermod, Don1585House of KeysI-L
Kermode, George Bruce1919 - 1924House of KeysI-L
Kermode, James Samuel1929 - 1934House of KeysI-L
Kermode, Philip William1986 - 1996BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Kermode, Thomas Cowley1908 - 1913House of KeysI-L
Kermode, William James1898 - 1908House of KeysI-L
Kerron, Richard1507House of KeysI-L
Kerruish, Henry Charles1946 - 1990BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Kerruish, John Robert *1879 - 1881House of KeysI-L
Kerruish, John Robert *1897 - 1919House of KeysI-L
Kerruish, Robert1908 - 1913House of KeysI-L
Kerruish, Robert Edward Swain1962 - 1970BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Kerruish, William Maltby1905 - 1913House of KeysI-L
Killey, Charles1733, 1740House of KeysI-L
Killey, Philip1854, 1867House of KeysI-L
Killip, John1903 - 1908House of KeysI-L
Kinlay, William1836, 1846House of KeysI-L
Kinread, William1507House of KeysI-L
Kirwan, Thomas1792, 1808House of KeysI-L
Kissage, William1585, 1634House of KeysI-L
Kitto, Arthur Edwin1934 - 1946House of KeysI-L
Kitto, William Henry1901 - 1918House of KeysI-L
Kneale, George Victor Harris1962 - 1974, 1981 - 1991BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Kneale, James Harris1985 - 1986BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Kneale, John1665, 1687House of KeysI-L
Kneale, John1829, 1842House of KeysI-L
Kneale, John1872, 1874House of KeysI-L
Kneen, Richard1929 - 1950House of KeysI-L
Kneen, Robert1929 - 1942House of KeysI-L
Kneen, Thomas1892 - 1895House of KeysI-L
Kneen, Thomas Henry1929 - 1942House of KeysI-L
Kniveton, Clifford1946 - 1948BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Kniveton, John Raymond1994 - 1998BiogHouse of KeysI-L
La Mothe, Frederick John Dominique1846, 1864House of KeysI-L
Lace, Danial1748, 1777House of KeysI-L
Lace, Daniel1700, 1733House of KeysI-L
Lace, John1662, 1663House of KeysI-L
Lace, John1733, 1746House of KeysI-L
Lace, John1782, 1793House of KeysI-L
Lamothe, John Corlett1871, 1879House of KeysI-L
Lassell, William1609, 1611House of KeysI-L
Laughton, Alfred Nelson1887 - 1891House of KeysI-L
Leece, Paul Henry1872, 1884House of KeysI-L
Leventhorpe, Richard Christopher1986 - 1991BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Llewellyn, John1812, 1830House of KeysI-L
Lord-Brennan, Kate Alice2021-BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Lowey, Edmund George1975 - 1982BiogHouse of KeysI-L
Lucas, Edward1609House of KeysI-L
Lucas, Jenkin (for McNyne, Jenkin)1429?House of KeysI-L
Lucas, John1823, 1836House of KeysI-L
Lucas, Ranold1585, 1593House of KeysI-L
Lucas, Robert1616, 1639House of KeysI-L
Lucas, William1585House of KeysI-L
Lyons, Philip Moyle1846, 1852House of KeysI-L
M’Nele, John1585House of KeysM
MacDonald, Roy1966 - 1978BiogHouse of KeysM
Maclean, James1831House of KeysM
MacLeod, Hugh Duncan Campbell1962 - 1976BiogHouse of KeysM
Maddrell, Donald Gelling1981 - 1988House of KeysM
Maddrell, George1921 - 1924House of KeysM
Maddrell, Robert1716, 1735House of KeysM
Maddrell, Robert1733, 1735House of KeysM
Maitland, Dalrymple1890 - 1919House of KeysM
Malarkey, William MacKay2006-2011, 2015-2016, 2016-2020BiogHouse of KeysM
Maltby, Sarah Louise2021-BiogHouse of KeysM
Mann, Edgar John1976 - 1985, 1990 - 1995BiogHouse of KeysM
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