Juan Richard TURNER 

Juan R Turner MLC



Born: 1974

Education: King William’s College

Family: 1 daughter

Career: Producer/presenter Manx Radio 1989-2001; Freelance television cameraman and producer ITV and BBC 2000-07; Managing director/founder Energy FM Radio 2001-07

Interests: Rallying, in particular night road rallies, radio and TV production, squash and boating.

Parliamentary Profile


Member of the Legislative Council 2007-2018
Member of the Department of Home Affairs 2016-2018
Member of the Emoluments Committee 2010-2018
Member of the Tynwald Standing Orders Committee 2013-2018

Parliamentary Career

Member: Trade and Industry 2007-09, Transport 2008-10, Tourism and Leisure 2009, Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2009-10, Environment, Food and Agriculture 2010-11, Community, Culture and Leisure 2011-13, Education and Children 2012-14, 2nd Employers' Representative on the Public Sector Pensions Authority 2013-14​, Environment, Food and Agriculture 2013-14​, Infrastructure 2014-15​​; Whitley Council (Employers' Side) 2013-2015

Vice Chairman: Isle of Man Post Office 2014; Civil Service Commission 2013-2016

Committees of Tynwald: Select Committee on the Steam Packet Company 2007-08, Select Committee on the Poacher’s Pocket 2007-08, Select Committee on the Steam Packet Company 2009, Select Committee on Advertising in the Countryside 2009-10, Select Committee on Local Authorities: Members’ Interests 2011-12, Social Affairs Policy Review Committee 2011-12, Select Committee on the Kirk Michael School Land Exchange Agreement 2012-14, , Economic Policy Review Committee 2015-16

Chairman: Select Committee on the Care and Upbringing of Children (Petition for Redress) 2014, Select Committee of the Legislative Council on the Highways (Amendment) Bill 2015 2015-16, Select Committee of the Legislative Council on the Road Traffic Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2016-17

Committees of the Legislative Council
: Legislative Council Deputation on the Sunbeds Bill 2013

Council of Ministers’ Committees: Infrastructure and Environment 2007-09, Business Change Steering Group 2008-10, Young Persons’ Working Group 2009

Electoral History

First elected as a Member of the Legislative Council in 2007, re-elected in 2008 and again in 2013 for a term expiring on 28th February 2018

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Study Visit: Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh 2007

Political Interests

Preserving the Isle of Man as a self governing jurisdiction and ‘extending’ as little UK legislation as possible, with the preference to have our own Island law tailored to our needs


Member's Interests