Hon John Philip SHIMMIN BEd (Hons) MHK (Douglas West) 


John P Shimmin MHKEducation: Murray’s Road, St Ninian’s High School; Worcester College of Higher Education

Career: Teaching Career; Crewe, Tamworth, Knowsley; Douglas (St Ninian’s High School) 1982-96, teaching Physical Education, Mathematics, General Studies, Head of Year from 1989-96

Public Service: Past President: NAS/UWT Tamworth and IOM Branches; Trustee: Public Lottery Trust 1996-2001, Relate (IOM) 1997-2006, Alcohol Advisory Service 1997-2006, Life Education (IOM) 1999-2005

Interests: Football, golf, education, family


Parliamentary Profile

Parliamentary Career

Member of the House of Keys 1996-2016

Minister: Transport 2002-05, Home Affairs 2005-06, Local Government and the Environment 2006-10, Environment, Food and Agriculture 2010-11, Economic Development 2011-14, Policy and Reform 2015-16

Member: Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 1996-99, Home Affairs 1996-2000, Trade and Industry 2000-01

Chairman: Isle of Man Post Office 1999-2003, Public Services Commission 2015-2016

Committees of Tynwald: Declaration of Members’ Interests 1996-2002, Ministerial Government 1998-99, Expenditure and Public Accounts 1998-2001, Member of the Tynwald Constitutional Matters 1997-2008, Supply of Services (Exclusion of Implied Terms) Order 1998, 1998-2000, Standing Committee on Economic Initiatives 2000-01, Mount Murray Residents’ Compensation Claim 2004-05, Tynwald Ceremony Arrangements (eo) 2010-11, Tynwald Setting Enhancements Sub-Committee (eo) 2010-11, Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee 2014-15

Council of Ministers’ Committees:  Social Issues 1997-2001, Children and Young People 2005-06, Drugs and Alcohol 2005-06, Governance Committee 2004-06, Energy and Climate Change Committee, Marine Spatial Planning Working Group 2008-10, Infrastructure and Environment 2005-10, Governance 2005-10, Executive Coordination Steering Group 2008-10, Constitutional and External Relations 2010-11, Ministers Manx National Economic Development 2010-11

Chairman: ISD 2005-06, Infrastructure 2004-05, Energy, Climate Change and Marine Spatial Planning 2010-11

Electoral History

First stood and elected as Member of the House of Keys for West Douglas in 1996, re-elected in 2001, 2006 and 2011

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

​Study Visits: Westminster, London 1998; Brussels 1999

Regional Conferences: Guernsey 1998, Gibraltar 1999


Member's Interests