The Hon Stephen Charles RODAN OBE BSc (Hons) MRPharmS


Born: Glasgow, Scotland

Education: High School of Glasgow (1963-72); Edinburgh University; Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh - graduated BSc (Hons) in Pharmacy 1977.

Family: Married to Ana Maria, 2 daughters .

Career: Pharmacist by profession, Elgin, Inverness 1977-80; Pharmacy Manager, Bermuda 1980-87; Resident in the Isle of Man from 1987 and Pharmacy Proprietor, Laxey 1987-date.

Public Service and other posts: Royal Pharmaceutical Society of GB 1978, National Executive, Scottish Liberal Party 1975-77, Parliamentary Candidate, Moray and Nairn 1979, Bermuda Pipe Band 1980-87, Laxey Village Commissioners 1991-95 (Chairman 1993-95), Laxey Traders’ Association (Chairman 1990-93), UN Association (Isle of Man Branch) 2002-date, Ellan Vannin Pipes and Drums 2007–date; CHAIRMAN: Edinburgh University Liberal Club 1974-76, Heriot-Watt University Liberal Club 1976-77, Scottish Young Liberals 1974-76, Cair Vie Manx Pipe Band (and Pipe Major) 1992-95, Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust 1995-2014, Laxey Fair Committee 2009-date, Laxey and Lonan Live at Home Scheme 2009–2016, Laxey Regeneration Committee 2009–date; PRESIDENT: Caledonian Society of Bermuda 1983-85, Lonan and Laxey Branch, Royal British Legion 1998-date​, Isle of Man County, Royal British Legion 2012-date, Groudle Glen Railway 2015-date; TREASURER: Manx Chemists Association 1989-95; TRUSTEE AND DIRECTOR: Laxey and Lonan Heritage Trust 1998-2014, Great Laxey Mines Railway Ltd 2002-2014, Laxey Working Men’s Institute 1998-2005.

Honours and Decorations: OBE 2019

Publications: Voting at 16 in the Isle of Man, The Parliamentarian Magazine, 2007/Issue 2; Self-assessment in the Isle of Man, The Parliamentarian Magazine, 2012/Issue 1.

Interests: Books, history, and travel.


Parliamentary Profile

Parliamentary Career

President of Tynwald 2016-2021.
Chairman of the Tynwald Ceremony Arrangements Committee (eo) 2016-2021.
Chairman of the Standing Orders Committee of the Legislative Council 2016-2021.
Vice Chairman of the Standing Orders Committee of Tynwald 2018-2021.
Vice Chairman of the Tynwald Management Committee (eo) 2018-2021.
Member of the CPA Isle of Man Branch Executive Committee (Joint Branch President eo) 2016-2021.
Speaker of the House of Keys 2006-2016.
Deputy President of Tynwald 2007-2016.
Member of the House of Keys 1995-2016.

Minister: Health and Social Security 2004-06, Education 1999-2004.

Member: Local Government and the Environment 1995-99, Court of Liverpool University (eo) 2007-14, Tynwald Representative on the British-Irish Parliamentary Assembly 2007-2016.

Chairman: Estates and Housing Division 1995-96, Planning Committee 1997-99, Emoluments Committee (eo) 2006-16, Tynwald Standards and Members’ Interests Committee (eo) 2006-16, Standing Orders Committee of Tynwald (eo) 2006-16, Tynwald Management Committee (eo) 2006-16, House of Keys Management and Members’ Standards Committee (eo) 2006-16, Standing Orders Committee of the House of Keys (eo) 2006-16.

Trustee: Manx National Heritage 2006-12.

Committees of Tynwald: Petitions of Redress of Grievance 1995-96, Emoluments of Certain Public Servants 1997-2001, Legislative Council 1997-99, Ministerial Government 1998-99, Elections to the House of Keys 2002-03, Tynwald Setting Enhancement 1999-2004,  Immigration 2007-08, Constitutional Matters 2007-11, Economic Initiatives 2007-11,  Select Committee on Public Service Broadcasting 2012-14, Special Committee on the Public Services Commission Joint Negotiating Committee 2015, Social Affairs Policy Review Committee 2011-16, Select Committee of Tynwald on Planning and Building Control 2015-16, Select Committee on Civil Legal Proceedings 2015-2016, Tynwald Members’ Pension Scheme Management Committee (eo) 2006-16, Tynwald Ceremony Arrangements Committee (eo) 2006-16, Tynwald Honours Committee (eo) 2006-16; Tynwald Management Committee (eo) 2016-18.

Chairman: Select Committee on the Steam Packet Company 2007-08, Select Committee on the Poacher’s Pocket 2007-08, Select Committee on the Petition for Redress of Donald Whittaker 2008-09, Select Committee on the Steam Packet Company 2009, Select Committee on the Affairs of Braddan Commissioners 2007-09, Select Committee on the Committee System 2010-11, Select Committee on the Manx Electricity Authority 2007-13, Select Committee on the Kirk Michael School Land Exchange Agreement 2012-14, Tynwald Honours Committee (eo) 2016-2018.

House of Keys’ Committees: Consultative Committee 1996-2003, Select Committee on Constitution (Legislative Council) Bill 2003.

Council of Ministers’ Committees, 1994-2004: Constitutional and External Affairs, Drug and Alcohol Strategy, Mann 2000, Social Issues, Children and Young People’s Strategy Group, Queen’s Golden Jubilee, Member Police Advisory Group 2007-12.

Electoral History

First stood and elected as Member of the House of Keys for Garff in 1995, re-elected in 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2011.

Elected as President of Tynwald on the 19th July 2016 for a period of five years.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Joint President: Isle of Man Branch (eo) 2006-2021.

Member: Isle of Man Branch Executive Committee (eo) 2006-2021, CPA Sub-Committee on 2010 British Islands and Mediterranean Regions Conference 2009-10. 

Study Visits: House of the Oireachtas, Dublin 1995; Westminster, London 1998; Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh 2007; Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh 2013; Westminster, London; Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh 2019.

Other Activities: Good Governance Delegation, Turks and Caicos Islands 2013; Head of Mission, the Election Observation Mission, British Virgin Islands 2015; Head of Mission, Election Observance Mission, Cayman Islands 2017.

Regional Conferences: Cyprus 1997, Gibraltar 1999, Isle of Man 2000, Scotland 2001, Scotland 2012.

Plenary Conferences; Sri Lanka 2012.

Conference of Commonwealth Speakers and Presiding Officers: London 2008, Delhi 2010, Port-of-Spain 2013, Wellington 2014, Seychelles 2018, Canada 2020.

Political Interests

Constitutional matters, external relations, economic, social and environmental policy.

​ ​​​​