Edmund George LOWEY MLC 


PersonalEdmund G Lowey MLC

Education: Castle Rushen High School.

Family: Unmarried

Career: Employed by Ronaldsway Aircraft Co Ltd 1964-75

Public Service: Past Vice Chairman: Manx Labour Party

Honours and Decorations: Honorary Master of Arts, Salford University

Interests: Sport (football referee, secretary Athletic Club etc).


Parliamentary Profile


Member of the Legislative Council 1982-2013
Member of Treasury 2010-2013
Alternate Tynwald Representative to the British-Irish Inter Parliamentary Body
Chairman of the Manx Electricity Authority 2011-2013
Member of the Emoluments Committee 1999-2013
Member of the Tynwald Honours Committee 2007-2013
Member of the Standing Orders Committee of Tynwald 2007-2013
Member of the Standing Orders Committee of the Legislative Council 1999-2013
Member of the Select Committee on the Sunbeds Bill 2013-2013

Parliamentary Career

Minister: Home Affairs 1986-91, Without Portfolio 1991-92, Industry 1992-96

Member:  Harbour  Board 1976-86, Tourist Board 1976-81, Police Board 1979-81, Arts Council 1975-76, Industry Board 1981-86, Telecommunications Commission 1987-91, Tourism and Leisure 1996-06, Education 2006-10

Chairman: Consumer Council 1976-81, Tourist Board 1981-86

Vice-Chairman: Manx Electricity Authority 2007-11

Acting Chairman: Manx Electricity Authority 2008

Committees of Tynwald: Constitutional Issues 1980-82, Petitions of Redress 1977, Boards’ Responsibilities 1980-82, Selection 1981-83 and 1985-86, Trade Unions Legislation 1985-87, Appointment of a Scrutiny Committee 1992, Constitutional Matters 1997-2001, Tynwald Honours 1999-2004, Standing Orders 1999-2006, Select Committee on Compensation Claim of Mount Murray Residents 2004-05, Select Committee on the Principal Civil Service Pension Scheme 2006, Select Committee on Kaupthing Singer Friedlander 2009-10, Scrutiny 2007-11

Committees of the Legislative Council: Select Committee on the Broadcasting (Amendment) Bill 2006-07

Executive Council Committees: European Economic Community 1986-88, Overseas Aid 1986-91, Constitutional and External Affairs 1988-91, Constitutional and External Relations. 

Council of Ministers’ Committees: Social Issues, Special Committee, Evidence for the Select Committee of Tynwald on the Function and Procedure for Election of the Legislative Council 1992-93, Legal Services 1990-1995, Constitutional and External Relations 1992-2007, Overseas Aid 2010-11, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Working Group 2009-11, Social Policy 2010-11, Industrial Relations Working Group 2010-11

Chairman: Shipping 1992- 2000

Electoral History

First stood and elected as Member of the House of Keys for Rushen at a by-election in 1975, re-elected in 1976 and 1981. First stood and elected as a Member of the Legislative Council in 1982, re-elected in 1983, 1988, 1993, 1998, 2003, 2008 for a term expiring 28th February 2013

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Regional representative: CPA Executive Committee 1984-87 and 1993-96

Chairman: Executive Committee Isle of Man Branch 1990-2001

Parliamentary Visit to UK 1979, study visit to Republic of Ireland 1993, Westminster 1997, Ghana (9th Seminar) 1997, Dublin visit 1999

Regional Conferences: Jersey 1982, United Kingdom 1983, India 1991

Plenary Conferences: Canada 1977, India 1991,Trinidad 1999, Namibia 2002, Fiji 2005

Political Interests

Walking, talking and people