Peter KARRAN MHK (Onchan)  

PersonalPeter Karran MHK

Education: Douglas High School, College of Further Education

Family: Unmarried

Career: Joiner

Public Service: Youth leader (before elected), Board of Education (non-Tynwald Member) 1982-85

Interests: Gaelic

Parliamentary Profile

Parliamentary Career

Member of the House of Keys 1985-2016

Minister: Education and Children 2011-12

Highway and Transport Board 1985-86, Board Consumer Affairs 1986, Health and Social Security 1986-91, (special responsibility for social services) and 1996-2004, War Pensions Committee 1987-91, Home Affairs 1991-93, Education 1991-95, Highways, Ports and Properties 1993-95, Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry 2004-06, Whitley Council (Employer’s Side) 2012-13, Home Affairs with responsibility for the Department’s Communications Service and political champion of the Drug and Alcohol Strategy 2012-14

Chairman: Water Authority 1990-2003

Committees of Tynwald: Trade Unions Legislation 1985-86, Petition for Redress 1985-86, Ecclesiastical 1987-91, Drug Abuse 1987-89, Tynwald Ceremony 1995-96, Ministerial Government 1998-99, Tynwald Honours 1999-2002, Expenditure and Public Accounts 2002-06, Expenditure and Public Accounts Sub-Committee on DoT In-House Capital Schemes 2003, Select Committee on the Petition for Redress of Grievance of Wendy and David Megson 2004-06, Petition for Redress of Grievance of John Michael Leather 2004-05, Select Committee on Queen’s Pier 2005-06, PAC Sub-Committee on the MEA 2005-06, Select Committee on the Affairs of Braddan Commissioners 2007-09, Scrutiny 2010-11, Honours 2007-11, Tynwald Ceremony Enhancements Sub-Committee (eo) 2011-12, Standing Orders Committee of Tynwald 2011-16, Tynwald Management Committee 2011-16, Standing Orders Committee of the House of Keys 2006-16, Select Committee of Tynwald on the Operation of the Jury System 2015-16, Select Committee of Tynwald on the Funding of Nursing and Residential Care 2015-16.

Chairman: Petition for Redress of Grievance of Joan Mann 1998-99

House of Keys’ Committees: Treasury (Amendment) Bill 1993-94, Bill of Rights 1993-95, Death Penalty Abolition Bill 1992, Rehabilitation of Offenders Bill 1992-93, Treasury (Amendment) Bill 1993-94, Wildlife (Amendment) Bill 1994

Tynwald Representative: Court of the University of Lancaster 2011-16

Electoral History

First stood, unsuccessfully, for Middle in 1981. Elected as Member of the House of Keys for Middle in a by-election in 1985, re-elected as Member of the House of Keys for Onchan in 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2011

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Member: Isle of Man Branch Executive Committee 2002-06

Study Visits: Caribbean Regional Conference, Belize 1990; Westminster, London 1993; Westminster, London 1998; House of the Oireachtas, Dublin 1999 ​

Regional Conferences: Gibraltar 1993, Isle of Man 1994, United Kingdom 1995, Malta 1996, Scotland 2001, Wales 2002

Plenary Conference: Barbados 1989


Member's Interests