David Clifford CRETNEY MLC

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David C Cretney MHK


Education: Douglas High School for Boys

Family: Married to Deirdrie, 2 daughters

Career: Shop Manager 1977-85; Business owner 1985-date

Public Service: Douglas Corporation (St George’s Ward) 1983-85, Pulrose Youth Club Management; Committee 1986-2005; Chairman: Manx Labour Party 1987-91

Interests: Manx History, environment, community work, motorcycle racing, contemporary music

Parliamentary Profile


Member of the Legislative Council 2015-2020
Member of the Department of Environment, Food and Agriculture 2015-2020
Member of the IOM Government Preservation of War Memorials Committee 2017-2020
Member of the Tynwald Standards and Members' Interests Committee 2011-2015
Member of the Emoluments Committee 2010-date
Chairman of the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee 2015-2020
Member of the Public Accounts Committee (eo) 2015-2020
Member of Tynwald Management Committee 2010-2015                                                                                           
Member of the Standing Orders Committee of the Legislative Council 2018-2020
Member of the Standing Orders Committee of Tynwald 2018-2020
Member of the Select Committee on the Business and Functioning of the Council 2019-2020

Parliamentary Career

Member of the House of Keys 1985-2015

Minister: Tourism and Leisure 1996-2006, Trade and Industry 2006-10, Community Culture and Leisure 2010-11, Infrastructure 2011-14

Chairman: Post Office Authority 1992-96

Member: Government Property Trustees 1985-86, Water and Gas Authority 1985, Water Authority 1985-86, Board of Education 1986-87, Department of Education 1987-88, Department of Tourism and Transport 1988-91, Department of Local Government and Environment 1990-92, Planning Appeals Tribunal 1987-88, Chronically Sick and Disabled Persons Committee 1988-91, Department of Tourism, Leisure and Transport 1993-96, Economic Development 2014-16

Trustee: Manx National Heritage 2014-2016

Trustee Member: Manx Museum and National Trust

Committees of Tynwald: Petition for Redress 1985-86, First-Time Buyer Housing 1990-91, Declaration of Members’ Interests 1996-97, Ministerial Government 1998-99, Isle of Man Steam Packet 1998-99, Elections to the House of Keys 2002, Playground Facilities for Children 2002-03, Select Committee on the Petition for Redress of Donald Whittaker 2008-09, Business Change Steering Group 2007-11, Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Working Group 2010-11, Social Policy 2010-11, Tynwald Ceremony Arrangements Committee (eo) 2011-14, Tynwald Ceremony Enhancements Sub-Committee (eo) 2011-14, Select Committee on Animal Welfare (Petition for Redress) 2014-16, Member of the Tynwald Honours Committee 2015-16, Chairman of the Select Committee on the Organization and Operation of the General Election 2016-2017, Honours 2016-18, Select Committee on the Functioning of Tynwald 2017-18.

House of Keys’ Committees: Legislative Council 1999-2000, Member of the House of Keys Committee on the Landlord and Tenant (Private Housing) Bill 2014-15, House of Keys Management and Members’ Standards Committee 2010-15

Council of Ministers’ Committees: Dry Bars 1987-88, Employment 1986-88, Social Issues 1987-90, Social Issues 1991-date, Manx National Economic Development Council 1998-06, Low Income Working Party 1998, Mann 2000, Tax Benefits, Silverdale Car Park, Economic Development, Manx National Economic Development Council 2006-10, Executive Coordination Steering Group 2008-10, Marine Spatial Planning Working Group 2008-10, Regeneration Steering 2008-10, Retail Policy Working Group 2009-10, PIF Committee and Sub-Committee 2007-10

Chairman: Energy and Climate Change 2008-10

Representative: Tynwald Representative at Salford University 2007

Electoral History

First stood and elected as Member of the House of Keys for South Douglas at a by-election in 1985, re-elected 1986, 1991, 1996, 2001, 2006 and 2011. Elected as a Member of the Legislative Council in March 2015 to serve for a term ending 29th February 2020.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Member: Isle of Man Branch

Study Visits: CPA Seminar, Trinidad and Tobago 1992; Republic of Ireland 1993; Westminster, London 1993; Wilton Park 2003

Plenary Conferences: Banff, Canada 1994; United Kingdom 1995; Cameroon 2014

Regional Conferences: Guernsey 2009, Isle of Man 2010


Member's Interests