David Moore ANDERSONDavid M Anderson MHK


Education: Douglas High School for Boys; Newton Rigg Agricultural College, Cumbria

Family: Married to Jane, 1 daughter and 1 son

Career: MAFF, Weybridge 1977-78; Dairy and mixed farmer 

Public Service: Patrick Parish Commissioners 1992-2001; Vice-President: Manx Farmers Union 1999-2001

Interests: Sport (athletics), represented Isle of Man Commonwealth Games (Edmonton) 1978, current sporting interest veteran track and field athletics, cycling, walking, church activities

Parliamentary Profile


Member of the Legislative Council 2015-2020
Member of the Department of Infrastructure 2016-2018
Member of the Emoluments Committee 2015-2018
Member of the Ecclesiastical Committee 2016-2018

Parliamentary Career

Member: Health and Social Security (special responsibility for Health Services) 2001-04, Department of Education and Children 2014-15, Treasury 2015-16, Tynwald Advisory Council for Disabilities 2015-16

Minister: Education 2004-06, Transport 2006-10, Education and Children 2012, Health 2010-14 

Committees of Tynwald: Ecclesiastical 2001-06 and 2007-12, Tynwald Ceremony Arrangements Enhancements Sub-Committee 2004-06, Emoluments of Certain Public Servants 2001-11, Standards and Members’ Interests 2003-11, Economic Policy Review Committee 2014-15, Chairman of the Select Committee of Tynwald on the First-Time Buyer Scheme (Petition for Redress) 2015-16, Chairman of the Ecclesiastical Committee 2012-16.

Chairman: Special Committee on the Public Services Commission Joint Negotiating Committee 2015

House of Keys’ Committees: Consultative 2001-02, Select Committee on Voluntary Euthanasia 2003-06, Management and Members’ Standards 2003-11, Standing Orders Committee of the House of Keys 2011-15

Council of Ministers’ Committees: Drug and Alcohol Strategy, Children and Young People’s Strategy Group, Infrastructure and Environment 2009-10, Marine Spatial Planning Working Group 2008-10, Overseas Aid 2010-11, Retail Policy Working Group 2010-11


Electoral History

First stood and elected as Member of the House of Keys for Glenfaba in 2001, re-elected 2006 and 2011. Elected as a Member of the Legislative Council in June 2015 for a term ending on 29th February 2020.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Study Visit: Westminster, London 2002; Dublin 2014

Member's Interests