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​Statutory Documents 2017

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2017-SD-0001.pdfCivil Aviation Acts (Application) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0001
2017-SD-0003.pdfPort Erin (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0003
2017-SD-0004.pdfPeel (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0004
2017-SD-0005.pdfRamsey Swing Bridge (Speed Limit) Order 20172017/0005
2017-SD-0006.pdfRamsey Swing Bridge (Weight Restriction) Order 20172017/0006
2017-SD-0007.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0007
2017-SD-0008.pdfPort Erin (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No2) Order 20172017/0008
2017-SD-0009.pdfOnchan (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0009
2017-SD-0010.pdfRural Roads (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0010
2017-SD-0011.pdfCastletown (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0011
2017-SD-0012.pdfVarious Roads, Peel (Prohibition of Waiting) (Consolidation) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0012
2017-SD-0013.pdfDouglas Street, Peel (Disabled Persons' Vehicles Parking Places) Order 20172017/0013
2017-SD-0014.pdfDouglas Street, Peel (Loading Bay) Order 20172017/0014
2017-SD-0015.pdfIncome Tax (Social Security Benefits) (Exemption) Order 20172017/0015
2017-SD-0016.pdfRoad Transport (Fees) Order 20172017/0016
2017-SD-0017.pdfLaxey (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0017
2017-SD-0018.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 2) Order 20172017/0018
2017-SD-0021.pdfIncome Tax (Resident Individuals) (Income Tax Cap) Order 20172017/0021
2017-SD-0022.pdfIncome Tax (Benefits in Kind) (Exemptions) Order 20172017/0022
2017-SD-0023.pdfIncome Tax (Nursing Expenses) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0023
2017-SD-0024.pdfIncome Tax (Personal Allowance Credit) (Temporary Taxation) Order 20172017/0024
2017-SD-0025.pdfIncome Tax (Rates of Income Tax) (Resident Non-Corporate Taxpayers) Order 20172017/0025
2017-SD-0026.pdfIncome Tax (Deductions) (Prescribed Cases) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0026
2017-SD-0027.pdfIncome Tax (Disclosure of Information) (Temporary Taxation) Order 20172017/0027
2017-SD-0028.pdfSocial Security (Contributions) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0028
2017-SD-0029.pdfSocial Security Legislation (Contributions) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0029
2017-SD-0030.pdfTransfer of Functions (Part 2 of the Water Pollution Act 1993) Order 20172017/0030
2017-SD-0031.pdfCurrency (House of Keys Election Act) (50 Pence Coins) Order 20172017/0031
2017-SD-0034.pdfCollective Investment Schemes (Fees) Order 20172017/0034
2017-SD-0035.pdfFinancial Services (Fees) Order 20172017/0035
2017-SD-0036.pdfInsurance (Fees) Regulations 20172017/0036
2017-SD-0037.pdfRegistered Schemes Administrators (Fees) Order 20172017/0037
2017-SD-0038.pdfSocial Security Benefits Uprating Order 20172017/0038
2017-SD-0039.pdfPension Supplement (Amendment) Order 20172017/0039
2017-SD-0040.pdfEmployed Person's Allowance (General) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0040
2017-SD-0041.pdfIncome Suppport (General) (Isle of Man) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0041
2017-SD-0042.pdfSocial Security Legislation (Benefits) (Application) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0042
2017-SD-0043.pdfPension Schemes Legislation (Application) Order 20172017/0043
2017-SD-0044.pdfSchool Crossing Patrols (Prescribed Places) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0044
2017-SD-0045.pdfTobacco Products Duty Act 1986 (Amendment) Order 20172017/0045
2017-SD-0046.pdfCustoms and Excise Acts (Application) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0046
2017-SD-0047.pdfRaw Tobacco (Approval Scheme) Regulations 20172017/0047
2017-SD-0048.pdfHighways (Amendment) Act 2016 (Appointed Day) (No.1) Order 20172017/0048
2017-SD-0049.pdfOnchan (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 2) Order 20172017/0049
2017-SD-0050.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 3) Order 2017 2017/0050
2017-SD-0051.pdfHousing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2011 (Amendment) Order 20172017/0051
2017-SD-0052.pdfSea Fishing Licensing (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0052
2017-SD-0053.pdfInland Fisheries Regulations 20172017/0053
2017-SD-0054.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 4) Order 20172017/0054
2017-SD-0055.pdfCurrency (Decimal Coins) Order 20172017/0055
2017-SD-0056.pdfIncome Tax (Common Reporting Standard) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0056
2017-SD-0057.pdfRoad Vehicles (Maintenance and Use) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0057
2017-SD-0058.pdfCustoms and Excise (Cash Declaration and Disclosure) Order 20172017/0058
2017-SD-0061.pdfPatents (European Patent with Unitary Effect) Order 20172017/0061
2017-SD-0062.pdfBraddan Dog Control (Amendment) Byelaws 20172017/0062
2017-SD-0063.pdfIndustrial and Building Societies (Amendment) (Increase in Shareholding Limit) Order 20172017/0063
2017-SD-0065.pdfBraddan General Byelaws 20172017/0065
2017-SD-0067.pdfAdult Social Care Services (Charges) Regulations 20172017/0067
2017-SD-0068.pdfLicensed Betting Offices (Opening Hours) Regulations 20172017/0068
2017-SD-0069.pdfParish of Patrick Pedlars and Street Traders (Licence Fee) ByeLaws 20172017/0069
2017-SD-0070.pdfMerchant Shipping (Fees) Regulations 20172017/0070
2017-SD-0071.pdfEuropean Union (Syria Sanctions) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0071
2017-SD-0072.pdfEuropean Union (Syria Sanctions) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0072
2017-SD-0073.pdfEuropean Union (Isil and Al-Qaeda Sanctions) Order 20172017/0073
2017-SD-0074.pdfEuropean Union (Isil and Al-Qaeda Sanctions) Regulations 20172017/0074
2017-SD-0075.pdfEuropean Communities (Terrorism Measures) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0075
2017-SD-0076.pdfEuropean Communities (Terrorism Measures) (Enforcement) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0076
2017-SD-0077.pdfPensions Act 2014 (Application) Order 20172017/0077
2017-SD-0078.pdfSocial Security Pensions (Low Earnings Threshold) Order 20172017/0078
2017-SD-0079.pdfSocial Security Pensions (Flat Rate Accrual Amount) Order 20172017/0079
2017-SD-0082.pdfCivil Aviation (Charges) Scheme 20172017/0082
2017-SD-0083.pdfExport Control (Amendment) Order 2017 (Application) Order 20172017/0083
2017-SD-0084.pdfExport Control (North Korea Sanctions and Iran, Ivory Coast and Syria Amendment) Order 2017 (Application) Order 20172017/0084
2017-SD-0085.PDFOnchan (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 3) Order 20172017/0085
2017-SD-0087.pdfParish of Braddan (A22 Strang to Union Mills Road) (Prohibition of Waiting) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0087
2017-SD-0088.pdfBorough of Douglas Off-Street Parking Places Order 20172017/0088
2017-SD-0089.pdfRural Roads (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No3) Order 20172017/0089
2017-SD-0090.pdfDouglas, Traffic Regulations Consolidation (Amendment) Order 20172017/0090
2017-SD-0091.pdfIncome Tax (Country-by-Country Reporting) Regulations 20172017/0091
2017-SD-0092.pdfCustody (Amendment) Rules 20172017/0092
2017-SD-0093.pdfPensions Increase (Annual Review) Order 20172017/0093
2017-SD-0094.pdfCriminal Procedure and Investigations (Time Limits) Regulations 20172017/0094
2017-SD-0095.pdfCriminal Procedure and Investigations (Code of Practice for Police Interviews of Witnesses) Order 20172017/0095
2017-SD-0096.pdfCriminal Procedure and Investigations (Code of Practice for Criminal Investigations) Order 20172017/0096
2017-SD-0098.pdfLicencing Fees and Duties Order 20172017/0098
2017-SD-0100.pdfMusic and Dancing Fees and Duties Order 20172017/0100
2017-SD-0101.pdfCinematograph (Licence Fees) Order 20172017/0101
2017-SD-0102.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No5) Order 20172017/0102
2017-SD-0103.pdfElectronic Transactions (General) Regulations 20172017/0103
2017-SD-0104.pdfMerchant Shipping (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0104
2017-SD-0105.pdfShared Equity Purchase Assistance (First Home Fixed) (Amendment) Scheme 20172017/0105
2017-SD-0106.pdfExport Control (Amendment) (No 2) Order 2017 (Application) Order 20172017/0106
2017-SD-0108.pdfMinimum Wage (Young Workers) (No. 2) Regulations 20172017/0108
2017-SD-0109.pdfMinimum Wage (Single Hourly Rate) (No. 2) Regulations 20172017/0109
2017-SD-0110.pdfParish of Braddan Pedlars and Street Traders Licence Fee Bye-Laws 20172017/0110
2017-SD-0111.pdfExcise Duties Order 20172017/0111
2017-SD-0112.pdfEmployment of Children (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0112
2017-SD-0113.pdfValue Added Tax (Increase of Registration Limits) Order 20172017/0113
2017-SD-0114.pdfValue Added Tax (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0114
2017-SD-0116.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 6) Order 20172017/0116
2017-SD-0117.pdfPrinces Street, Douglas (Prohibition of Waiting) (Loading Bay) Order 20172017/0117
2017-SD-0118.pdfRamsey (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0118
2017-SD-0119.pdfRamsey Traffic Regulations (No Waiting) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0119
2017-SD-0120.pdfFines etc. (Application for Benefit Deductions) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0120
2017-SD-0121.pdfTV License Payment (Amendment) Order 20172017/0121
2017-SD-0122.pdfHousing (Standards) Regulations 20172017/0122
2017-SD-0123.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 7) Order 20172017/0123
2017-SD-0124.pdfRamsey (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 2) Order 20172017/0124
2017-SD-0125.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 8) Order 20172017/0125
2017-SD-0126.pdfEducation (Student Awards) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0126
2017-SD-0128.pdfAnti-Terrorism and Crime Act 2003 (Cash - Specified Monetary Instruments) Order 20172017/0128
2017-SD-0130.pdfCivil Aviation (Dangerous Goods) (Application) Order 20172017/0130
2017-SD-0131.pdfAir Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Festival of Motorcycling) Regulations 20172017/0131
2017-SD-0132.pdfAir Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (Tynwald Day) Regulations 20172017/0132
2017-SD-0133.pdfAir Navigation (Restriction of Flying) (TT Races) Regulations 20172017/0133
2017-SD-0134.pdfCustoms and Excise Acts (Application) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 20172017/0134
2017-SD-0135.pdfValue Added Tax Act 1996 (Amendment) Order 20172017/0135
2017-SD-0136.pdfRegistration of Pleasure Craft Regulations 20172017/0136
2017-SD-0137.pdfHarbour (Dues and Charges) Regulations 20172017/0137
2017-SD-0138.pdfCivil Partnership Act 2011 (Appointed Day) (No.4) Order 20172017/0138
2017-SD-0139.pdfLegislative Council Elections Act 2017 (Appointed Day) Order 20172017/0139
2017-SD-0140.pdfSocial Security Legislation (Benefits) (Application) Order 20172017/0140
2017-SD-0142.pdfHarbour Miscellaneous Provisions) Bye-Laws 20172017/0142
2017-SD-0143.pdfAlcoholic Liquor Duties Act 1986 (Section 71F) (Appointed Day) Regulations 20172017/0143
2017-SD-0144.pdfVictoria Street, Douglas (Loading Bay and Taxi Rank) Order 20172017/0144
2017-SD-0145.pdfIncome Tax (Social Security Benefits) (Exemption) (No. 2) Order 20172017/0145
2017-SD-0146.pdfRural Roads (Speed Limits) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0146
2017-SD-0147.pdfOnchan (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No4) Order 20172017/0147
2017-SD-0148.pdfDouglas, Traffic Regulations Consolidation (Amendment) (No 2) Order 20172017/0148
2017-SD-0150.pdfChild Abduction and Custody (Parties to Conventions) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0150
2017-SD-0151.pdfOnchan (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 5) Order 20172017/0151
2017-SD-0152.pdfTobacco Products Duty Act 1986 (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 20172017/0152
2017-SD-0153.pdfTransfer of Functions (Sections 55 and 56 Housing Act 1955) Order 20172017/0153
2017-SD-0154.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 9) Order 20172017/0154
2017-SD-0155.pdfEducation (Information and Reports to Parents) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0155
2017-SD-0156.pdfSchool Catchment Areas Order 20172017/0156
2017-SD-0157.pdfEuropean Union (Belarus Sanctions) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0157
2017-SD-0158.pdfBelarus Sanctions (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0158
2017-SD-0159.pdfEuropean Union (Central African Republic Sanctions) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0159
2017-SD-0160.pdfCentral African Republic Sanctions (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0160
2017-SD-0161.pdfEuropean Union (North Korea Sanctions) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0161
2017-SD-0162.pdfEuropean Union (North Korea Sanctions) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0162
2017-SD-0163.pdfEuropean Union (Zimbabwe Sanctions) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0163
2017-SD-0164.pdfZimbabwe Sanctions (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0164
2017-SD-0165.pdfCurrency (Tourist Trophy) (£5 Coin) Order 20172017/0165
2017-SD-0166.pdfSocial Security Legislation (Benefits) (Application) (No. 2) Order 20172017/0166
2017-SD-0167.pdfSocial Security Legislation (Benefits) (Application) (No. 3) Order 20172017/0167
2017-SD-0168.pdfPension Schemes Legislation (Application) (No. 2) Order 20172017/0168
2017-SD-0169.pdfPension (Top-Up) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0169
2017-SD-0171.pdfExcise Duties (Amendment) Order 20172017/0171
2017-SD-0172.pdfAbbots Close, Ballasalla (Prohibition of Waiting) Order 20172017/0172
2017-SD-0173.pdfRural Roads (Speed Limits) (Amendment) (No 2) Order 20172017/0173
2017-SD-0174.pdfPort Erin (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 3) Order 20172017/0174
2017-SD-0176.pdfPolice Powers and Procedures (Contracted Staff) Order 20172017/0176
2017-SD-0177.pdfBeneficial Ownership Act 2017 (Appointed Day) Order 20172017/0177
2017-SD-0178.pdfFinancial Services Tribunal (Amendment) Rules 20172017/0178
2017-SD-0179.pdfBeneficial Ownership (Nominated Officer Exemption)(Class 4 Regulated Activity) Order 20172017/0179
2017-SD-0181.pdfBeneficial Ownership (Exemption) (Collective Investment Schemes) Order 20172017/0181
2017-SD-0182.pdfEuropean Union (Information Accompanying Transfers of Funds) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0182
2017-SD-0184.pdfOnchan General Byelaws 20172017/0184
2017-SD-0185.pdfMerchant Shipping (Solas Chapter III) (Life-Saving Appliances and Arrangements) Regulations 20172017/0185
2017-SD-0186.pdfEuropean Union (North Korea Sanctions) (Amendment) (No.2) Order 20172017/0186
2017-SD-0187.pdfEuropean Union (North Korea Sanctions) (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 20172017/0187
2017-SD-0189.pdfFreedom of Information Act 2015 (Amendment of Schedule 1) Order 20172017/0189
2017-SD-0191.pdfDouglas, Traffic Regulations Consolidation (Amendment) (No 3) Order 20172017/0191
2017-SD-0192.pdfBathurst Zone (Douglas) (Parking Places Designation) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0192
2017-SD-0194.pdfBeneficial Ownership Act 2017 (Appointed Day) (No.2) Order 20172017/0194
2017-SD-0195.pdfVehicle Duty (No.3) Order 20172017/0195
2017-SD-0197.pdfHarbour (Dues and Charges) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0197
2017-SD-0198.pdfTynwald Commissioner for Administration Act 2011 (Appointed Day) (No.1) Order 20172017/0198
2017-SD-0199.pdfBovine Viral Diarrhoea (Amendment) Order 20172017/0199
2017-SD-0200.pdfTreasure Act 2017 (Appointed Day) Order 20172017/0200
2017-SD-0201.pdfSocial Security Legislation (Benefits) (Application) (No. 4) Order 20172017/0201
2017-SD-0202.pdfJobseekers Act 1995 (Application) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0202
2017-SD-0203.pdfSocial Security Legislation (Benefits) (Application) (Amendment) (No.2) Order 20172017/0203
2017-SD-0204.pdfIncome Support (General) (Isle of Man) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 20172017/0204
2017-SD-0205.pdfEmployed Person's Allowance (General) (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 20172017/0205
2017-SD-0206.pdfSocial Security Administration Act 1992 (Application) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0206
2017-SD-0207.pdfTerrorism and Other Crime (Financial Restrictions) Act 2014 (Designated Persons) (Amendment) Order 20172017/0207
2017-SD-0208.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 10) Order 20172017/0208
2017-SD-0209.pdfPetroleum (Revocation) Regulations 20172017/0209
2017-SD-0210.pdfCoach Parking Places (Peel) Order 20172017/0210
2017-SD-0211.pdfCoach Parking Places (Peel) Order 20172017/0211
2017-SD-0212.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 11) Order 20172017/0212
2017-SD-0213.pdfRural Roads (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 4) Order 20172017/0213
2017-SD-0214.pdfEcclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) (Isle of Man) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0214
2017-SD-0215.pdfExport Control (Amendment) (No. 3) Order 2017 (Application) Order 20172017/0215
2017-SD-0216.pdfRural Roads (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 5) Order 20172017/0216
2017-SD-0217.pdfOnchan (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 6) Order 20172017/0217
2017-SD-0218.pdfDouglas (Various Roads) (Reserved Parking Places) (Amendment) (No 12) Order 20172017/0218
2017-SD-0219.pdfEuropean Union (Iran Sanctions)(Proliferation)(Amendment) Order 20172017/0219
2017-SD-0220.pdfIran Sanctions (Proliferation) (Amendment) Regulations 20172017/0220
2017-SD-0221.pdfEquality Act 2017 (Appointed Day) (No.1) Order 20172017/0221
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