Government Circulars 2019

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2019-GC-0001.pdfCouncil of Ministers Appointments to Public Bodies2019/0001
2019-GC-0002.pdfSubsistence Allowances2019/0002
2019-GC-0003.pdfDisposal of a Foetus following Termination Directions 20192019/0003
2019-GC-0004.pdfImmigration Sponsor Licensing Policy2019/0004
2019-GC-0005.pdfImmigration Recognition of UK Visas Policy2019/0005
2019-GC-0006.pdfAn Armed Forces Community Covenant between The Isle of Man Government and the Armed Forces Community in the Isle of Man2019/0006
2019-GC-0007.pdfCouncil of Ministers Appointments to Public Bodies2019/0007