Research Papers

The Clerk of Tynwald's Office provides a politically impartial research service for Members and Committees of Tynwald.  We answer queries from Members and Committees of Tynwald and publish briefing papers on topics relevant to parliamentary business. 

Briefing papers are published here for the benefit of Members of Tynwald. The authors are available to discuss the contents of the briefings with Members but cannot advise members of the general public. 

Click on the PDF icon to access each paper. 

2022-PP-0150.pdfIlliam Dhone: Life and Legacy22/11/2022
2022-PP-0142.pdfYouth participation and engagement in politics03/11/2022
2022-PP-0116.pdfVisits of His Majesty King Charles III to the Isle of Man14/09/2022
2022-PP-0117.pdfProclaiming the new monarch in the Isle of Man, 1765-195214/09/2022
2022-PP-0158.pdfMeasuring and Increasing Well-Being15/08/2022
2022-PP-0157.pdfCyberbullying: Young People and Mental Health11/08/2022
2022-PP-0144.pdfThe age of criminal responsibility28/07/2022
2022-PP-0101.pdfEarly Years Education, Childcare, and Parental Leave15/07/2022
2022-PP-0097.pdfSewerage: From the IRIS Scheme to the Regional Sewage Treatment Strategy13/07/2022
2022-PP-0014.pdfVisits of Her Majesty The Queen to the Isle of Man04/02/2022
2021-PP-0072.pdfRegulation of private rented housing in the Isle of Man26/03/2021
2021-PP-0038.pdfClimate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Initiatives in the Isle of Man23/02/2021
2021-PP-0035.pdfDetermining Members' emoluments in other jurisdictions15/01/2021
2021-PP-0017.pdfMotions of no confidence; Chief Minister election results27/11/2020
2021-PP-0033.pdfRegulation of legal services in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and the Channel Islands23/10/2020
2020-PP-0176.pdfSexual Offences and Obscene Publications Bill 2019: Offences and Penalties07/10/2020
2021-PP-0034.pdfStaycationing in the UK30/09/2020
2021-PP-0031.pdfCoronavirus: Education during the emergency08/06/2020
2021-PP-0032.pdfCoronavirus: Exiting from the emergency20/05/2020
2021-PP-0030.pdfCoronavirus: Financial Support13/05/2020
2021-PP-0029.pdfCoronavirus: Business Support06/05/2020
2021-PP-0028.pdfCoronavirus: Repatriation of Isle of Man residents30/04/2020
2021-PP-0040.pdf125th Anniversary of the Tynwald Chamber20/12/2019
2022-PP-0139.pdfUpper Chambers: Roles, Functions, Powers, and Structures11/10/2019
2021-PP-0027.pdfThe Isle of Man Constitution Amendment Act 1919 and the Legislative Council06/06/2019