Select Committee on the Functioning of Tynwald

Committee Members


The Hon J P Watterson SHK

Committee Chair

Dr A J Allinson MHK

Committee Member

Mr T S Baker MHK

Committee Member

Hon G G Boot  MHK

Committee Member

Mr D C 
Cretney MLC

Committee Member


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Contact the Committee

For enquiries or to submit written evidence please contact:

Mr Roger Phillips
Clerk to the Committee
Legislative Buildings
Finch Road
Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 685500

The Committee reserves the right to publish any evidence sent to it in the absence of any agreement that the evidence will be confidential.

Committee Remit

That a Select Committee of five members be appointed, comprising the Speaker as Chairman, one Member of the Council of Ministers, one Member of the Legislative Council and two other Members of the House of Keys:
A)     And that Tynwald approves the following and
refers them to the above select committee to report with recommendations to Tynwald on the changes required for their implementation:
1. Recommendation 2 – Role of the Legislative Council:
a. That MLCs should not vote on measures which are exclusively on taxation or appropriation, and that the Clerk of Tynwald formulate a definition for Standing Orders;
b. That MLCs should not be Ministers, except in exceptional circumstances.
2. Recommendation 3 – The Bishop:
a. That the Bishop should remain an    MLC;
b. That Tynwald consider whether the Bishop should be included in the quorum of the Legislative Council and whether he should be allowed to abstain.
3. Recommendation 4 – A Programme for Government:
a. That the first task of an Administration be to prepare and publish a Programme for Government,
b. The views of the public should be explicitly sought on this Programme; and
c. That thereafter Tynwald approval be required for such Programme on formulation, by means of a major debate, at which amendments to the Programme could be moved, and thereafter annually.
4. Recommendation 9 – Diversity:
a. That Tynwald address with energy the need to make its membership more diverse.
5. Recommendation 11 – Training:
a. That there should be continuous professional development training for Members of Tynwald.
B)   And that Tynwald refers the following items  
      to t
he select committee for further       
      consideration to examine and report 
ith recommendations on:    
1. Recommendation 1 – Election of the Members of the Legislative Council (MLCs):
a. That the vote be open.
2. Recommendation 2 - Role of the Legislative Council:
a.  The circumstances (if any) where it would be appropriate to appoint Members of Legislative Council to membership of a Department.
3. Recommendation 5 – Departmental Members:
a. That appointment as a Departmental Member be made only where it is clear that substantial responsibilities will be assumed in recognition of the salary enhancement; and
b. That the pay and enhancements for Members of Legislative Council be reviewed in light of their amended responsibilities.
4. Recommendation 6 – Scrutiny:
a. That the scrutiny role continue to be delivered principally by four Standing Committees of Tynwald (“the four principal committees”), namely the Public Accounts Committee and, following reform, the Economic Policy Review Committee, the Economic and Infrastructure Review Committee and the Social Affairs Committee, as renamed;
b. That the members of the four principal committees be paid at the same level as Departmental members;
c. That the Programme for Government be the focus of the reformed Policy Review Committees;
d. That the Terms of Reference of the reformed Policy Review Committees set down their key tasks and, if such Committees are able to examine Estimates, that the Terms of Reference of the Public Accounts Committee be amended so that the first limb refer to “accounts” rather than to “papers on public expenditure and estimates”;
e. That the Chairmen and Members of the four principal committees have appropriate familiarisation and training concerning the work of the Executive and best practice in scrutiny and questioning;
f. That consideration be given to supporting the work of Select Committees of Tynwald through external advice and expertise.
g. That the Tynwald Auditor General Act 2011 and the Tynwald Commissioner for Administration Act 2011 be brought into force.
5. Recommendation 7 – Legislation:
a. That, when leave is given to introduce a Bill, the House of Keys approve the proposed topic of the Bill as opposed to approving the Long Title; and that the Speaker certify the Long Title of the Bill as introduced as corresponding to the terms in which leave was given.
C)     and that the Committee prioritise the work on Recommendations 1 & 2 (and other issues relating to Legislative Council) and to report back with recommendations on the election and role of the Legislative Council in October 2017, and by the December 2017 sitting on the remainder of the recommendations.