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Select Committee of Tynwald on the Affairs of Braddan Parish Commissioners

Committee Remit

To investigate the involvement of the Clerk to Braddan Parish Commissioners, Mr C S Lewin, and the Braddan Parish Commissioners, in the period from 1st August 1999 until 30th June 2006 concerning the draft Braddan Area Plan, and to identify the extent to which their involvement caused or contributed to the Plan being terminated and, in conducting that investigation, to have particular regard to:

(1) the circumstances regarding the sale of land owned by the Clerk and to make recommendations as to the advisability or suitability of the Clerk to have had a continued involvement in the Plan’s process on behalf of the Commissioners;

(2) the Clerk’s and the Commissioners’ conduct and their response once it was brought to their attention of a potential conflict of interest or of an inappropriate conduct by the Clerk during the Plan review process;

(3) the content and the preparation of the Commissioners’ submissions to the Plan process and support or otherwise for land zoning, as proposed by various parties;

(4) any deficiencies or relationships which may have allowed the Commissioners or their Clerk to have had an improper or unfair influence on the failed Plan process; and

(5) the process in which the Clerk and Commissioners contracted professional advice in respect of their submissions during the Plan review process.


Committee Members

The Hon S C Rodan SHK - Chairman

Mr P Karran MHK

Mr A Downie MLC



Hansard of Oral Evidence: 11 Apr 2008

Hansard of Oral Evidence: 20 Mar 2008

Hansard of Oral Evidence: 14 Mar 2008

Hansard of Oral Evidence: 08 Feb 2008

Hansard of Oral Evidence: 30 Aug 2007

Hansard of Oral Evidence: 19 Jul 2007

Hansard of Oral Evidence: 28 Jun 2007