Published Evidence

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Document Description
Max Kelly further submission.pdfFurther submission from NAHT
17/11/2020Max Kelly President of Isle of Man Branch NAHT
Damon Warr Further Submission.pdfFurther submission from Damon Warr
07/11/2020Damon Warr
Mr and Mrs Sewell Further Submission.pdfFurther submission from Mr and Mrs Sewell
04/11/2020Mr and Mrs Sewell Home Educators
Richard Tanton further submission.pdfSubmission from Richard Tanton
02/11/2020Richard Tanton Director of Members support ASCC
Professor Emerita Little Further submission.pdfFurther submission from Professor Emerita Little
02/11/2020Professor Emerita Little UCL Institute of Education
Mr and Mrs Warr further submission.pdfFurther Submission from Mr and Mrs Warr
02/11/2020Mr and Mrs Warr Home Educators
Dr Breesha Maddrell Submission.pdfSubmission from Dr Breesha Maddrell
30/10/2020Dr Breesha Maddrell Director of Culture Vannin
Mr Andrew Cole submission on behalf of the Governors of QEII High School.pdfSubmission from Andrew Cole
29/10/2020Andrew Cole on behalf of the Governors of QEII High School
Susan Moore Head Teacher QEII Further Submission.pdfFurther Submission from Susan Moore
28/10/2020Susan Moore Head Teacher QEII High School, Members of ASCL Council and Trustee of AQA
Robert Dowty Further Submission.pdfFurther Submission from Robert Dowty
27/10/2020Robert K Dowty Chair of Governors University College IOM
Andrew Cole further Submission.pdfSubmission from Andrew Cole
26/10/2020Andrew Cole former Head Teacher and Member of Eduation Council
DESC functions of the Department Submission.pdfSubmission from DESC on functions of the Department
23/10/2020Department for Education, Sport and Culture
Department of Education Sport and Culture Additional Submission.pdfAdditional Submission from DESC
20/10/2020Department of Education Sport and Culture
Andrew Shipley Submission.pdfSubmission from Andrew Shipley
20/10/2020Andrew Shipley Manager of Legal and Admin Services DESC
Beamans report FINAL.pdfIOM Government: Review of DESC Management and Governance Arrangements
23/09/2020Beamans Management Consultants (Bourke, Wiles, Conroy)
Dr Alex Allinson MHK Minister DESC submission.pdfSubmission from Dr Alex Allinson Minister DESC
22/09/2020Department for Education, Sport and Culture
Miss August-Hanson MLC submission.pdfSubmission from Miss August-Hanson MLC
04/09/2020Tanya August-Hanson MLC
Sewell submission.pdfSubmission from Derek and Dawn Sewell
21/08/2020Derek and Dawn Sewell
Warr further submission.pdfFurther submission from Damon Warr
12/08/2020Damon Warr
Poole-Wilson MLC submission.pdfSubmission from Mrs Jane Poole-Wilson MLC
10/08/2020Jane Poole-Wilson MLC
Llewellyn Jones submission.pdfSubmission from T C Llewellyn Jones
09/08/2020T C Llewellyn Jones
Anon. submission.pdfAnonymous submission
Rob Teare submission.pdfSubmission from Rob Teare, Manx Language Officer
07/08/2020Rob Teare
Finch Tutormann submsission.pdfSubmission from Andrew Finch, TutorMann
07/08/2020Andrew Finch, TutorMann Partnership
Warr submission.pdfSubmission from Mr and Mrs Warr
07/08/2020Mr and Mrs Warr
Lewin submission.pdfSubmission from Joanna Lewin
07/08/2020Joanna Lewin
Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh submission.pdfSubmission from Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh
07/08/2020Chris Sheard, Secretary, Yn Cheshaght Ghailckagh
KWC and Buchan submission.pdfSubmission from King William's College and Buchan School
07/08/2020Clucas, Buchanan and Billinsley-Evans
Baugh submission.pdfSubmission from Voirrey Baugh
07/08/2020Voirrey Baugh
Barber MHK submission.pdfSubmission from Clare Barber MHK
07/08/2020Clare Baber MHK
Baugh Lindsay Ulyatt submission.pdfSubmission from Baugh, Lindsay and Ullyatt
07/08/2020Voirrey Baugh, Michelle Lindsay and Maria Ullyatt
Willicott, Normal Like Me submission.pdfSubmission from Janet Willicott, Normal Like Me
07/08/2020Janet Willicott, Normal Like Me
Caine submission.pdfSubmission from Daphne Caine MHK
07/08/2020Daphne Caine MHK
DESC submission.pdfSubmission from DESC
06/08/2020Department of Education Sport and Culture
Moore submission.pdfSubmission from Sue Moore
05/08/2020Sue Moore
ASCL submission.pdfSubmission from ASCL
05/08/2020Richard Tanton, ASCL
Mr Speaker submission.pdfSubmission from The Hon Juan Watterson SHK
05/08/2020The Hon Juan Watterson SHK
Hayhurst submission.pdfSubmission from Peter Hayhurst
04/08/2020Peter Hayhurst
NAHT submission.pdfSubmission from NAHT
Cole submission.pdfSubmission from Andrew Cole
04/08/2020Andrew Cole
Dowty Chair of Governors UCM.pdfSubmission from UCM Governors
03/08/2020Robert Dowty, Chair of Governors UCM
Koenig Submission.pdfSubmission from Claudia Koenig
03/08/2020Claudia Koenig
Anonymous Submission.pdfAnonymous Submission
24/07/2020Anonymous Submission
Murcott submission (amended version).pdfSubmission from Mr Peter Murcott
23/07/2020Mr Peter Murcott
Professor Emerita A Little.pdfSubmission from Professor Emerita Angela W Little
15/07/2020Professor Emerita Angela W Little
NASUWT Submission.pdfSubmission from NASUWT (IOM)
15/07/2020Dr Patrick Roach, General Secretary
Jeebin, Manx Language Network.pdfSubmission from Jeebin, Manx Language Network
13/07/2020Dr Breesha Maddrell, Chair