Select Committee of Tynwald on the First-Time Buyer Scheme (Petition for Redress) Members


Mr D M Anderson MLC

Committee Chair

Mr R K Harmer MHK

Committee Member

Mr L I Singer MHK

Committee Member




Contact the Committee

For enquiries or to submit written evidence please contact:

Mr Jonathan King
Clerk to the Committee
Legislative Buildings
Finch Road
Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 685500

The Committee reserves the right to publish any evidence sent to it in the absence of any agreement that the evidence will be confidential.

Committee Remit

That a committee of three Members be appointed with powers to take written and oral evidence pursuant to sections 3 and 4 of the Tynwald Proceedings Act 1876, as amended, to consider and to report to Tynwald on the Petition for Redress of residents of Harcroft Meadows presented at St John's on 6th July 2015 in relation to the provisions of a first time buyer scheme made by the Government and the residents of Harcroft Meadows.