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Select Committee on the Business and Functioning of the Council: Committee Members


Mrs K A Lord-Brennan MLC

Committee Chairman

Mr P A Greenhill MLC

Committee Member

Mr R J Mercer

Committee Member

Mr R W Henderson MLC

Committee Member

​Miss T M August-Hanson MLC

Committee Member

​Mrs M M Maska

Committee Member

​​Mrs J Poole-Wilson MLC

Committee Member

​​Mrs K Sharpe MLC

Committee Member


Debate: Legislative Council 10 Nov 2020 - report received and recommendations approved.

Contact the Committee

For enquiries or to submit written evidence please contact:

Dr Jonathan King
Clerk to the Committee
Legislative Buildings
Finch Road
Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 685500
Email: committees@tynwald.org.im

The Committee reserves the right to publish any evidence sent to it in the absence of any agreement that the evidence will be confidential.

Committee Remit

There shall be a Select Committee of the Council which shall consider:
(a) preparation for the forthcoming legislative business of the Council;(b) the outcome of past legislative business of the Council; and
(c) the functioning of the Council;
The Select Committee may report orally or in writing on legislative matters but not on any matter of Government policy;
The members of the Select Committee shall be the elected Members of the Council within the meaning of the Isle of Man Constitution Act 1919;
The quorum of the Committee shall be three.