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Submitting Papers to Tynwald

The following instructions set out our requirements for documents submitted to Tynwald.

Please note that this guidance is intended for Government Departments and Statutory Boards. 

For information on how members ofthe public can submit a petition to Tynwald, click here

Requesting SD, GC, and GD Numbers

All documents must be allocated a reference number.  Please send your request to

Once allocated, the number must not be used for any other document.  If the number is not used for any reason, please let us know.

Before the sitting

Please deliver 5 hard copies of the documents, plus 5 copies of any explanatory memos, to the Clerk of Tynwald's Office by 5pm on the 'notice of motion' deadline.

An e-copy of the document and explanatory memos must also be emailed to by the same deadline.

Please note that SDs and GCs should not include the date of laying or approval at this stage.

After the sitting

Final versions of Statutory Documents and Government Circulars must be sent to as soon as possible after the sitting, so that they can be uploaded to the secondary legislation database on our website.  The final version of a document should include the date of laying or approval (where appropriate). 

Format of Documents

Scans are not acceptable for e-copies.  PDFs should be generated either within MANLeX or using the 'Save as Type' PDF option in Microsoft Word. 

All e-copies of SDs should be generated by the MANLeX software.  For more information about MANLeX, contact the Attorney General's Chambers. 

Council of Ministers

Many items of Government business need to be approved by the Council of Ministers before submission to Tynwald.  For more information, contact the Council of Ministers' Secretariat (tel: 685711).