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Code of Conduct for Public Servants : Committee to hear evidence

​The Tynwald Select Committee on the Code of Conduct for Public Servants (Petition for Redress) will be taking oral evidence from petitioners Mrs Dorothy Salmon and Mr Philip Salmon on Thursday 28th November 2019 at 2pm.  

The hearing will take place in public in the Legislative Council Chamber, Legislative Buildings, Bucks Road, Douglas. Members of the public are welcome to attend; proceedings will also be streamed live via the Tynwald audio webcasting service. 

The Committee was established by Tynwald in October 2019. The Members elected to the Committee are Mr Tim Crookall MLC (Chair), Ms Julie Edge MHK and Mrs Kate Lord-Brennan MLC. 

For further information contact:
Mr Roger Phillips
Clerk of Tynwald
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, IM1 3PW
Tel: (01624) 686303
Published - 22/11/2019