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Law graduate from Namibia hails Tynwald work placement experience ‘eye-opening’

Rachel Mundilo

​For Rachel Mundilo, a law graduate from the University of Namibia, completing a Tynwald five-week work placement has proved an ‘eye-opening’ experience.

The placement programme was delivered by the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office and formed part of 29-year-old Ms Mundilo’s studies for a joint Master’s degree in parliamentary procedure and legislative drafting.

Reflecting on her time spent at Tynwald Ms Mundilo, who is employed as a legislative drafter with the Namibian Ministry of Justice, said: ‘The work placement has been a real eye-opener. Before I arrived I had no idea that Tynwald was the oldest continuous parliament in the world. It’s not only been fascinating to learn how it’s evolved but also to be able to access archives from the 1800s. By contrast in Namibia, which only achieved independence in 1990, locating past legislation can often be extremely difficult.

‘I found there to be an independence, flexibility and wide range of skill sets in operation in Tynwald. What for me was truly amazing, though, was the close connection between politicians and their constituents and how accessible Members are to the public, which I believe adds value to the democratic process.  I was also extremely surprised to learn that, in contrast to the political party system in Namibia, Tynwald has processes in place for achieving consensus.

‘Drafting legislation is essentially the same wherever you work but Tynwald has technology that’s much more advanced than that available to us in Namibia.

‘Everyone in the Office of the Clerk of Tynwald has been extremely welcoming and supportive. The committee work I’ve been doing has most certainly broadened my knowledge and it’s been great to have been involved in a project through to the end.’

Ms Mundilo’s work placements in preparation for her Master’s degree have so far taken her to Rome, Madrid and London. After returning to Namibia for two weeks she will continue her studies in Geneva.

Ms Mundilo’s work placement was arranged by the Clerk of Tynwald’s Office. Standard one-week work experience programmes are provided by the Tynwald Administration Office.

For further information contact:
Jonathan King
Deputy Clerk of Tynwald
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, IM1 3PW
Tel: (01624) 685500
Published - 10/09/2019