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Douglas Promenade Scheme: Committee Welcomes Treasury Minister's Proposals

​The Environment and Infrastructure Policy Review Committee is examining the progress of the Douglas Promenade refurbishment works, with particular reference to the impact on business. 

The Committee welcomes the Treasury Minister’s positive response to the issues raised during the course of the Committee’s inquiry and awaits with interest his proposals for a centralised major projects unit. 

The Committee will continue to scrutinise the refurbishment project and its impact on business.  The Committee will ensure that it makes a positive contribution to the Treasury’s and Department for Enterprise’s efforts to create considered and targeted compensation models for all businesses affected by the refurbishment works. 


The Committee took oral evidence on 19th July 2019 from representatives of the Department of Infrastructure and a number of businesses based on the Promenade.  The Committee now invites written submissions, to be received by 30th August 2019. 

The Committee was established by Tynwald in October 2016. The Members elected to the Committee are Mr Rob Callister MHK (Chair), Miss Clare Bettison MHK, and Mr Chris Robertshaw MHK.  Mr Callister has recused himself from this inquiry because he is a member of the Department for Enterprise, one of the Departments under scrutiny.  The Committee has elected Miss Bettison as its Chair for this inquiry. 

The progress of the Committee’s inquiry can be followed via the Tynwald website

For further information contact:
Mr Roger Phillips
Clerk of Tynwald
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, IM1 3PW
Tel: (01624) 685500
Published - 06/08/2019