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Suicide: Inquiry launched by Tynwald Committee

​In its report on mental health1 the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee, a Standing Committee of Tynwald, committed to undertake an inquiry into the topic of suicide. The Committee now invites written submissions from anyone who wishes to comment on these matters.

The Committee will look at:

i) The adequacy of preventative measures;

ii) The response of public services following instances of suicide;

iii) The role and functioning of the Coroner of Inquests; and

iv) The support available for those affected by suicide.

Policy Review Committees are limited by their remits; they only look at individual cases as examples of the impact of policy on the public. They can, however, listen to all witnesses and are willing to do so in confidence. This improves the Committees’ understanding of topics which they are investigating.

Submissions should be sent to the address below by 8th January 2019. Email is preferred but hard copy is equally acceptable.

Following a resolution of Tynwald, moved by Mr Cretney, a report2 on suicide was published by the Council of Ministers in 1993. In 2008, a second report3 on suicide was published; this included a set of recommendations. Both reports are available on the Committee’s webpage or from the Tynwald Library.

In its 2010-2015 strategy the Department of Health made reducing suicide rates, particularly for young males, a priority target.4 In the Department of Health and Social Care’s ‘Strategic Plan for Mental Health and Wellbeing’5 for 2015-2020 it undertook to reduce the levels of suicide by developing a framework for suicide prevention.


For information or to make a submission, please contact:
Jonathan King
Clerk of the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, IM1 3PW
Telephone: 01624 685500
1 Social Affairs Policy Review Committee, Second Report for the Session 2018-19:  Mental Health (November 2018) PP 2018/0151
2 Council of Ministers, Suicide on the Isle of Man – A Report by the Council of Ministers (February 1993) NN 0001/93
3 Mental Health Service, Isle of Man Suicide Audit: January 1996 – December 2007 (2008) NN 0020/08
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5 Department of Health and Social Care, Strategic Plan for Mental Health and Wellbeing: Isle of Man 2015-2020 (2015) GD 2015/0070
Published - 26/11/2018