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New Honours Boards installed in Royal Chapel, St John’s

​New Honours Boards have been installed in St John’s Chapel; two show the Manx Patriots’ Roll of Honour, the other lists recipients of the Tynwald Honour.

The Manx Patriots’ Roll of Honour provides formal recognition to deceased persons who have made an outstanding contribution to Manx life; the Tynwald Honour extends the same recognition to living individuals.

In June 2016 Tynwald approved the introduction of Honours Boards as an alternative to commemorative plaques. The boards were made by the Manx Workshop for the Disabled.

The most recent name to be inscribed on the Tynwald Honour board is that of Mr Bill Dale BEM TH, who received the award in 2018 in recognition of his public service to the Isle of Man and his charitable work.

The President of Tynwald, the Hon Steve Rodan MLC, said: ‘The Honours Boards are fitting tributes to those men and women - past and present - whose selfless dedication to the Manx community has contributed immeasurably to the quality of life and wellbeing we are all fortunate to enjoy in the Isle of Man. By way of example, the transformational environmental work Bill Dale is achieving with his Beach Buddies charity made him a worthy recipient of the Tynwald Honour in 2018; all the more so in this Year of Our Island when we celebrate the very special place that is the Isle of Man, the first entire island nation to be granted UNESCO biosphere reserve status.’

Mr Dale said: ‘I really hope that lots of people feel that they share the Tynwald Honour, especially the thousands of volunteers who have been involved with Beach Buddies over the last five years.

‘It was a very special moment - particularly as it took place in St John’s, the village where I was brought up, and in the church where I was a choirboy all those years ago. And it was extra special that a number of those choir members were also there on Tynwald Day.

‘To have my name on the Tynwald Honour Board in the church is something which I hope everyone involved with Beach Buddies feels that they share.

‘I feel this is an honour which the Members of Tynwald have given to the people of the Isle of Man who have got together with fantastic spirit, and done something special which has set the Isle of Man apart from the rest of the world in the way we genuinely care about our environment.’

Photos courtesy of Paul Dougherty, Tynwald Seneschal.
Published - 22/08/2018