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SAPRC child abuse remit extended

The Social Affairs Policy Review inquiry into historic child abuse has had its remit extended. The inquiry was set up in July 2017 to look into reports of abuse which had taken place at Knottfield up until 1983. In June 2018 the remit of the inquiry was extended by Tynwald to include abuse not connected to Knottfield.

During the debate on extending the remit, the Committee Chairman Mr David Cretney MLC said:

“I believe that the former residents of Knottfield deserve to be listened to. I believe exactly the same of anyone else who has had the terrible experience of being abused as a child.

To anyone who has been abused I would like to say, abuse is a crime and I hope you will feel you can talk to the Police. If you would like to talk to the Committee, that is another option available to you. We are not a substitute for the Police. We cannot provide you with professional counselling or compensation or legal advice, but we are concerned, and we will listen to you, whatever you wish to tell us.”

You can send in a written submission in hard copy or by email. Or you can telephone the Chairman or the Clerk and ask for a meeting. The Committee is aiming to make a series of meeting dates available from September 2018 onwards.


The Committee will not publish any written submission relating to an individual case without the consent of the individual concerned. The Committee may, however, publish written evidence relating to policy matters.


It was resolved on 18th July 2017 –


“That Tynwald notes with concern reports of historical child abuse at the former Knottfield Children’s Home, which closed in 1983, and refers the matter to the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee to report by December 2017; and further instructs the Committee to investigate the adequacy of current procedures to protect from abuse children in care (looked after children) in the Isle of Man and to report in March 2018.”

It was resolved on 19th June 2018 –

That the remit given to the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee on 18th July 2017 in relation to historic child abuse be extended to include abuse not connected to Knottfield.

The members of the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee appointed by Tynwald are Mr David Cretney MLC (chair), Ms Julie Edge MHK and Mr Martyn Perkins MHK. Mr Perkins is not taking part in this inquiry.


Contact information for this inquiry:

David Cretney MLC
Chairman of the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee
Phone: 01624 626765
Jonathan King
Clerk of the Social Affairs Policy Review Committee
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, IM1 3PW
Phone: 01624 686303
Published - 04/07/2018