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Tynwald work with Pakistan gathers pace

​The foundations for a new alliance between Tynwald and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly are firmly being put in place this month as the Island welcomed a second delegation of politicians from the Pakistani province this week and is now preparing for a visit from its Speaker on Monday (14th November).

Mr Fazal Shakoor, one of the 10 Members who arrived at the weekend for a two-day study programme, explained: ‘The aim was to understand the parliamentary systems and if we see some room for improvement in our system we will take those things from here to our country and try to observe and adopt those things which can be helpful to our people and our system. There is always room for improvement in all systems, just as you may have adopted some rules from other places.’

And his colleague, Ms Sobia Shahid, who is a keen advocate for women in the province, added: ‘We liked the sessions on legislation, information technology and Hansard, and meeting with the Speaker of the House of Keys. We were very impressed.

‘We have some problems with our legislative system so it will be good for us to learn. It was a good experience to bring in change. Hopefully we will learn from you and you will learn from us by working together.

‘This is our first time in Europe so it is a very good opportunity for us. It is a very beautiful Island with the sea, and the people are very friendly.’

Mr Shakoor added: ‘We even like the rain because we are experiencing a long drought at home. It hasn’t rained for over four months there!’

Next week Tynwald will host a special one-day visit from the region’s Speaker, Mr Asad Qaiser, where he will meet with the President of Tynwald, the Chief Minister and the Speaker of the House of Keys.

One planned outcome of his trip is for a Memorandum of Understanding to be signed by both parties. This will solidify the agreement that by the end of next year Tynwald will have welcomed all 124 Members of the Assembly, in groups of approximately 10, as part of the British Council-sponsored project which also involves the Scottish Parliament.


The second delegation from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly with the President of Tynwald, the Hon Steve Rodan MLC, and the Speaker of the House of Keys, the Hon. Juan Watterson MHK. Photo: Paul Dougherty, Tynwald Seneschal

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Published - 10/11/2016