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Tynwald to support Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly capacity-building programme

Tynwald is to support a capacity-building training programme for the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly (KPA), which will see its 124 Members attend two-day study visits in approximately 10 groups of 10 delegates between September 2016 and December 2017.

The project, which has been organised by the British Council in Pakistan, aims to expose KPA Members to the workings of parliament and equip them with the skills to ensure good governance, improve parliamentary proceedings, strengthen the legislative process and employ IT more effectively.

The first delegation to Tynwald will arrive on Monday September 26 and comprise 16 visitors, including the Speaker Mr Asad Qaiser, the Minister of Public Health Engineering, Mr Shah Farman and two British Council representatives, Mudassar Hafeez and Faiza Inayat.

The delegation will then go on attachment to the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh for further study.

Arranged by the Office of the Clerk of Tynwald the programme includes briefing sessions on the Manx parliamentary system, good governance practices, accountability processes, legal drafting procedures, Hansard and the Chamber and Information Service. It will also outline the working relationship between government departments and parliamentary committees.

Ahead of the delegation’s arrival the President of Tynwald, the Hon Steve Rodan MLC, said: ‘In pursuit of strengthening parliamentary democracy we are always pleased to share experience and information as well as devise and deliver bespoke programmes for visiting parliamentarians.

‘Working with delegates from the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly over the coming months will not only contribute to putting in place robust and sustainable mechanisms to the benefit of existing and future KPA parliamentarians, but will also serve to forge closer links between the province and the Isle of Man. On behalf of Tynwald I look forward to welcoming our visitors and the opportunity the programme affords to showcase our parliament, our expertise and our Island.’

Published - 20/09/2016