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Biography presented to President of Tynwald

President of Tynwald, Jennifer Kewley Draskau and Phil Gawne

The President of Tynwald has received, on behalf of Tynwald, a copy of the new biography ‘Illiam Dhone: Patriot or Traitor?’ by Jennifer Kewley Draskau. The presentation was made by the author at the launch of the book held, appropriately, at the birthplace of Illiam Dhone, Milntown House, Lezayre by kind permission of the Milntown trustees.

Expressing her delight to Mrs Kewley Draskau that her book had been donated to the Tynwald Library Madam President said: ‘For too long there has been a lack of readily accessible detailed information about this character who figures so large in the Manx consciousness and is recognised in a stained glass window in the Tynwald precincts. Jennifer’s thoroughly researched and eminently readable work has shed new light on the man and the times in which he lived. I hope that all Tynwald Members and, of course, all those in the wider community who have an interest in our past, will find an opportunity to read it.’

Manx Heritage Foundation Chairman Phil Gawne MHK described the significance of the subject of the book. ‘There is no doubt that without the patriotic actions taken by Illiam Dhone to surrender the Isle of Man to parliamentary forces, many Manxmen would have been killed and our independence lost. Whatever his motivation for doing these things, his historic actions had a significant impact on our lives today.’


Published - 06/12/2012