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Junior Tynwald Generates Lively Debate

Junior Tynwald 2012 particpants

Motions proposing investment in a sustainable transport policy and the introduction of compulsory voting prompted lively debate in this year’s Junior Tynwald.

Held on July 16th the sitting of Junior Tynwald Court brought together Year 12 students from the Island’s five state secondary schools to assume the roles of Members of the House of Keys and the Legislative Council and others to act as radio and press reporters.

In addition to tabling the motions, the students had submitted questions that indicated a keen interest in Manx and international current affairs and covered topics as diverse as the feasibility of a public television service for the Island and whether the development of e-gaming was morally defensible.

President of Tynwald the Hon Clare Christian MLC said: ‘I was most impressed by the students’ contributions and how young people from all five schools had clearly given a great deal of thought to the topics they were debating, with the supplementary questions generating especially spontaneous exchanges. It was also extremely encouraging to witness how interested the students were in the workings of Tynwald.’

Queen Elizabeth II High School student Alice Lawrence, who served as a Member of the Legislative Council, said: ‘It was a wonderful opportunity to see how parliament works and the procedures involved and how, as a politician, you have to give a great deal of thought to what you’re going to say. It was a very worthwhile experience and, for young people, I think Junior Tynwald helps build a sense of community.’

The motion moved by the Hon Member for Rushen, Miss Mairead Merritt (Castle Rushen High School) calling for the Isle of Man Government to invest in a more sustainable transport policy and that moved by the Hon Member for Douglas North, Mr Tudor Baker (St Ninian’s High School) proposing compulsory voting be introduced failed.

Junior Tynwald is an event organised by the Isle of Man branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) in association with the Department of Education and Children.


(Photo of Junior Tynwald participants courtesy of Paul Dougherty, Tynwald Seneschal)

For further information contact:

Jonathan King
Deputy Clerk of Tynwald
Legislative Buildings

Tel: 01624 686303

Published - 25/07/2012