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Treasury Minister to give evidence to Economic Policy Review

​The Economic Policy Review Committee, a Standing Committee of Tynwald, will be taking oral evidence from the Treasury Minister for the first time. A wide range of topics is likely to be covered in the evidence session, in which the Chief Financial Officer will also participate.

The Committee intends to take this evidence on Friday 25th May 2012 at 2.30 pm in the Legislative Council Chamber, Legislative Buildings, Bucks Road, Douglas.

2.30 pm   HonWE Teare ACIB MHK, Minister for the Treasury
                Mr P M Shimmin, Chief Financial Officer

The evidence will be taken in public; members of the public are welcome to attend.


For further information contact:

Roger Phillips
Clerk of Tynwald
Legislative Buildings, Douglas, IM1 3PW

Tel:     01624 685500

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Published - 18/05/2012