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The Office of the Clerk of Tynwald is committed to providing efficient and effective services to the public. Any definite representation of dissatisfaction by a member of the public will be investigated and we will seek to respond promptly, fairly and effectively.

How to make a complaint

An oral complaint should normally be made to the officer providing the service complained of. A complaint about a particular officer should be made to a more senior officer. The officer receiving the complaint should be asked to make a record of the complaint and of the contact details of the person making the complaint. This information will be passed to the Deputy Clerk of Tynwald in her capacity as Complaints Officer.
A written complaint may be submitted in hard copy or by e-mail. It should be addressed to the Deputy Clerk of Tynwald in her capacity as Complaints Officer using the following contact details.
Joann Corkish
Complaints Officer
Legislative Buildings
Bucks Road
Douglas IM1 3PW

What we will do when we receive a complaint

When a complaint is made orally, a letter of acknowledgement will be issued including a statement setting out what is understood to be the nature of the complaint being made. The person who has made the complaint will be invited to confirm in writing the accuracy of the statement.
When a complaint is made in writing it will be acknowledged within seven working days.
Whether the complaint has been made orally or in writing it will be investigated by the Deputy Clerk of Tynwald or by another person appointed by the Deputy Clerk of Tynwald. The complainant will be advised of the outcome. Where possible this will be within seven working days of the complaint being acknowledged. If an investigation takes longer than seven days, the complainant will be kept fully informed of the progress being made.
A complaint which remains unresolved after the investigation by the Deputy Clerk of Tynwald will be referred to the Clerk of Tynwald.

Complaint reporting

The Office of the Clerk of Tynwald reports annually to Tynwald Court numbers of complaints received. This is in line with the Government’s standard complaints procedure introduced in 1991. Complaints fall into two groups for the purpose of these reports.

To be recorded

(C1) A complaint concerning a decision against which there is no independent appeal;
(C2) A complaint concerning any failure to make a decision;
(C3) A complaint concerning a failure of service which is not corrected, or is not corrected within a reasonable time;
(C4) A complaint concerning the failure of administrative arrangements, or an over-restrictive or narrow interpretation of such arrangements;
(C5) A complaint concerning the application of inappropriate or unfair remedies;
(C6) A complaint concerning breach of confidentiality;
(C7) Any other substantial complaint not falling within any of the foregoing definitions.

Not to be recorded

(1) A complaint about a matter outside the competence of the Office;
(2) A complaint where it is obvious that there is no prima facie case to answer or that the complaint is frivolous or trivial;
(3) A complaint where the complainant is not involved in the subject matter of the complaint or has no direct interest in it;
(4) A complaint which is made more than twelve months after the action has been taken which has led to the complaint being made;
(5) A complaint which is successfully dealt with on the spot;
(6) A complaint about a failure of service which is rectified within a reasonable time;
(7) A complaint solely regarding the attitude/behaviour of a member of staff (this is the subject of normal disciplinary enquiry);
(8) A complaint solely against a decision which is the subject of an independent appeal mechanism, or where the mechanisms available for further review and appeal have not been exhausted;
(9) A complaint solely concerning the application of professional judgement.

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