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  • Local Government (Amendment) Bill 2021

    ​A BILL to amend the law relating to local government, in relation to local authority district boundaries, the establishment of joint boards, standards of conduct of local authorities and their members and officers, the status of joint committees, byelaws and the standardisation of such provisions; to insert provisions regarding the disposal of open spaces into the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1984; to add the circumstances in which the Public Sector Pensions Authority provides assistance under the Public Sector Pensions Act 2011; to add provision for remote attendance at local authority meetings to the Elections (Keys and Local Authorities) Act 2020; to amend the Elections and Meetings (Local Authorities) Act 2021; to repeal the Douglas Market Act 1956 and references to it in other enactments; and for connected purposes.

    House of Keys

    First Reading; 11.05.2021; Second Reading;25.05: Clauses: 22.06; Third Reading: 22.06

    (Mr Baker)

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  • Private Members' Bills - Leave to Introduce granted

    ​(HoK SO 4.4(2): Where the House resolves to grant a Member leave to introduce a Bill, the leave to introduce shall lapse at the end of the Session following the one in which the leave was granted.)

  • Private Members' Bills - Leave to Introduce refused

Key to abbreviations -

1R = First Reading
2R = Second Reading
Clauses = Clauses considered
*Cl. Denotes Clause where successful amendment moved
Rpt = Report considered
3R = Third Reading
Sch. = Schedule
RA = Royal Assent announced
Prosp. = not yet in force
ADO = Appointed Day Order
wef = with effect from
*text* or *text*= agreed amendment

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