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Isle of Man Coins and Stamps 

2019 Peter Pan 50p Coin Collection

Celebrating the 90th anniversary of J.M.Barrie gifting his rights to Great Ormond Street Hospital, the Isle of Man Treasury, Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity, and the Westminster Collection, came together at the Tower Mint to strike the first silver proof coins in the 2019 Peter Pan 50p Collection. 

The collection features six illustrations designed by David Wyatt from the Oxford University Press edition of Peter Pan, including Peter Pan, Wendy Darling and Nana, Tinker Bell, The Darling Children, Captain Hook, and the Crocodile alongside quotes from the much loved novel.   

The packaged set contains all six 50p coins in a presentation folder. All coins are legal currency on the Isle of Man.

The presentation pack is priced £20.00


The coloured coins are on display: 

2017 Christmas Coin

Isle of Man Treasury have released a new £5 coin for Christmas. Produced for the Manx Government by Tower Mint Ltd, the coin face is engraved with a dove of peace with the wording Nollick Ghennal in the centre and SHEE DY ROW ER Y THALLOO engraved around the edge of the coin. SHEE DY ROW ER Y THALLOO translates as Peace on Earth.  

The presentation pack is priced £10.00.

Diameter: 32mm

Weight: 11.7g

Metal: Alpaca

Rim Finish: Milled Edge


£5 coin presentation pack commemorating the 110th Anniversary of the TT Races

​Isle of Man Treasury have released a new £5 coin and presentation pack commemorating 110th anniversary of the TT Races. Produced for the Manx Government by Tower Mint Ltd, the coin depicts the famous Senior TT Trophy.

The presentation pack is priced £10.00.


Circulation Figures:

 30,000 coins minted
 20,000 in general circulation
 10,000 in official Isle of Man Government coin packs

2017 and 2018 Decimal Sets

The 2017 and 2018 decimal sets are available in the Tynwald gift shop priced £29.95. 

The set includes a new version of the Manx five-pound coin, which has not been seen in common circulation since the 1980s.  

The set features the following denominations: Five Pence, Ten Pence, Twenty Pence, Fifty Pence, One Pound, Two Pounds and Five Pounds.
The designs offer a modern presentation of traditional Manx landmarks, themes and traditions, including the Manx Shearwater, Manx cat, Viking longship, Loaghtan sheep, Raven and Falcon, Tower of Refuge and the Three Legs symbol.

The gift shop also sells a limited range of stamp collections relating to Tynwald. 

The Commonwealth Stamp Sheet

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the formation of the Commonwealth Secretariat, 27 Commonwealth member states have come together in a project initiated by the Isle of Man Post Office to demonstrate our loyalty and devotion to The Queen and Commonwealth.

Tynwald Tapestry First Day Cover or Presentation Set

A special set of 10 stamps which reproduces 10 panels from the Millennium of Tynwald Tapestry, completed and presented to Tynwald to celebrate the Millennium in 1979 by the Isle of Man’s branch of the Woman’s Institute. Time starts with the arrival of the Vikings and moves through the ages to the modern Tynwald building. The original tapestry is on display in Legislative Buildings.

House of Keys Anniversary Stamp and Coin Presentation

In 2017 the Isle of Man marks the 150th anniversary of the first popular election to the House of Keys, previously a self-elected body. Tynwald wanted to take the opportunity to mark this significant anniversary in Manx political history and asked Isle of Man Treasury for a 50 pence coin to be commissioned that would be presented to all-Island school children. The coin design is taken from a famous print published in the Illustrated London News in 1867 showing the crowds waiting to hear the election results outside the Old Courthouse on Atholl Street. The 50 pence piece is a circulating coin but with a limited edition of 35,000.

The coin is presented in a commemorative presentation pack with one of the four bespoke stamps provided by Isle of Man Stamps and Coins. The first class stamp selected is one of four panoramic stamps released by Isle of Man Post Office in 2017 that illustrate the journey to popular elections in the House of Keys in the 1800s.

The above are all available to purchase from the Tynwald Gift Shop in Legislative Buildings. At this time we are unable to offer online sales, but purchases can be made over the telephone - please call for details 01624 685520.