Remuneration and Allowances

Tynwald Members’ remuneration and allowances falls into four categories:

  • basic salary
  • additional sums payable to certain office-holders
  • annual sum for expenses
  • on-Island travel costs

Information is also provided below on::

  • the costs of Tynwald Members undertaking governmental and parliamentary business off the Island
  • the Members’ Resettlement Grant Scheme
  • the Tynwald Membership Pension Scheme

It should be noted that different arrangements apply to the Lord Bishop of Sodor and Man and HM Attorney General. The pension of the Lord Bishop is paid by the Church of England and not by the Isle of Man Government.

Basic salary

The basic salary currently stands at £40,417.00 per annum (with effect from 1 April 2016).

It is calculated under a formula set out in Article 2(1) of the Members of Tynwald (Annual Sums) Order (SD 2014/0079). The formula is based on civil service pay.

Additional sums payable to certain office-holders

The following additional sums are payable, calculated on the basis of the basic salary mentioned above:

Chief Minister
President of Tynwald
Speaker of the House of Keys
Member of the Treasury
Member of a Department (or Departments) other than the Treasury
Chairman of the Civil Service Commission
Chairman of the Planning Committee
Chairman of the Isle of Man Post Office
Chairman of the Manx Utilities Authority
Chairman of the Isle of Man Office of Fair Trading


Annual sum for expenses

Each Tynwald Member is entitled to be paid an annual sum for expenses. The sum currently stands at £6,854.98 (with effect from 1 April 2016).

It is calculated under a formula set out in Article 2 of the Members of Tynwald (Annual Expenses) Order 1998 (SD 156/98). The formula is based on the rate of increase in civil service pay.

On-Island travel costs

Members may claim back the cost of on-island travel in line with the provisions set out in the Payment of Members' Expenses (Travelling Allowances) Order 2014 (SD 2014/0356). Details of claims for October 2009 to date may be found here.

Off-Island travel costs

Tynwald Members undertaking parliamentary and governmental business off the Island are subject to the same regime for travel, accommodation and subsistence as civil servants. Such costs are not regarded as “expenses”. The overall costs of Tynwald Members undertaking business off the Island may be found here.

Members’ Resettlement Grant Scheme

The Members of Tynwald (Resettlement Grant) Scheme 2009 (GC 2014/0009) provides that if a Member under pensionable age who has served at least two years is unsuccessful in seeking re-election to either the Keys or the Council, he or she will be paid the equivalent of six months’ basic salary. If a person receives this grant but is elected to either Branch within six months, the money must be repaid.

Tynwald Members Pension Scheme Provisions

From 23 September 2016 new Members of Tynwald were permitted to join Section 8 of the Government Unified Scheme and under the Tynwald Membership Pension Scheme Bulk Transfer Regulations 2016 (SD 2016/0201) existing Tynwald Members were transferred to Section 8a of the Government Unified Scheme.