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Debate gives Members the opportunity to express their opinions about the motion being moved, and to ask the mover for more information. Each Member, apart from the mover, may speak only once in each debate.

Speaking and Conduct in Debate

A Member who is speaking in debate must address his remarks to the presiding officer, not the mover of the motion.  For example in Tynwald Court it is usual to begin speaking with “Thank you, Madam President”. When speaking, address the president e.g. “However, I would suggest, Madam President,” and refer to the mover in ways such as “My hon. friend referred to” and “I am aware the Hon. Member, Mr ......”

Remarks directed to another member such as, "You know that you are being foolish", should be avoided.  If a Member feels obliged to make such a remark it should be phrased, "The Hon member for ... must know that he is being foolish". This rule is applied to maintain courtesy in debate where those debating may hold strong and divergent opinions.

Whenever the presiding officer is about to speak, any Member then speaking or offering to speak must sit down so that the presiding officer may be heard without interruption.

No Member may use offensive words against Tynwald or either Branch, or in reference to any person. No Member is permitted to use the name of the Sovereign or the Governor irreverently in debate or with the object of influencing the Court in its deliberations. The presiding officer, having drawn attention to the conduct of a Member who insists in irrelevance or tedious repetition, may caution such Member, and in the event of such caution being discontinued, may direct such Member to discontinue speaking.  

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