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The Manx Patriots' Roll of Honour

The Manx Patriots’ Roll of Honour is currently on display in the foyer of Legislative Buildings.

The Tynwald Honours Committee was established in December 1998 to propose names to Tynwald for inclusion in a Manx Patriots’ Roll of Honour. The Roll of Honour is designed to give formal recognition to deceased persons who have made an outstanding contribution to Manx life.

To be recommended for inclusion in the Roll of Honour, a person must be shown to have disinterestedly or self-sacrificially exerted himself or herself to promote the well-being of the Isle of Man; it is not restricted to persons born in the Island or of Manx parentage. No living person may be considered for inclusion in the Manx Patriots' Roll of Honour.

One of the tasks of the Tynwald Honours Committee is to suggest names of deceased persons for inclusion in the Manx Patriots' Roll of Honour. The Committee's other task is to recommend to Tynwald the award of honours by the Court to living persons.


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