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Public Accounts Committee Members 

Mr J P Watterson SHK

Committee Chair​

Mr T M Crookall MLC

Committee Vice-Chair

Mr R Callister MHK

Committee Member

Mr D C Cretney MLC

Committee Member

Mrs JP Poole-Wilson MLC

Committee Member

Mr CR Robertshaw MHK

Committee Member

​​Public Accounts Committee - Media Development Fund Inquiry

Miss C L Bettison MHK

Alternate Committee Member

Mrs C A Corlett MHK

Alternate Committee Member

​Mrs K Lord-Brennan MLC

Alternate Committee Member


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Contact the Committee

For enquiries or to submit written evidence please contact:

Mrs Joann Corkish
Clerk to the Committee
Legislative Buildings
Finch Road
Isle of Man
Tel: 01624 685500
Email: committees@tynwald.org.im

The Committee reserves the right to publish any evidence sent to it in the absence of any agreement that the evidence will be confidential.

Committee Remit

 Tynwald Standing Orders

1. There shall be a Standing Committee of the Court on Public Accounts.

2. Subject to paragraph 3.6, the Committee shall have –

(a) a Chairman elected by Tynwald,
(b) a Vice-Chairman elected by Tynwald,
(c) four other Members, who shall be Chairman of each of the Policy Review Committees (ex officio) and the Chairman of the Committee on Constutional and Legal Affairs and Justice;

and a quorum of three.

3. Members of Tynwald shall not be eligible for membership of the Committee, if, for the time being, they hold any of the following offices: President of Tynwald, member of the Council of Ministers, member of the Treasury Department referred to in section 1(2)(b) of the Government Departments Act 1987.

4. The Committee shall –

(a) (i) consider any papers on public expenditure and estimates presented to Tynwald as may seem fit to the Committee;
(ii) examine the form of any papers on public expenditure and estimates presented to Tynwald as may seem fit to the Committee;
(iii) consider any financial matter relating to a Government Department or statutory body as may seem fit to the Committee;
(iv) consider such matters as the Committee may think fit in order to scrutinise the efficiency and effectiveness of the implementation of Government policy; and
(v) lay an Annual Report before Tynwald at each October sitting and any other reports as the Committee may think fit.

(b) be authorised to require the attendance of Ministers for the purpose of assisting the Committee in the consideration of its terms of reference.

(c) be empowered to issue directions to Policy Review Committees under Standing Order 5.6(3), provided that any direction so issued shall be reported to Tynwald within a year.

5. The Chairman, Vice-Chairman and any member of the Committee shall not sit when the accounts of any body of which that person is a member are being considered.

6. Should the need arise in relation to a particular matter, such as a conflict of interest, Tynwald may elect an alternate member for that purpose and duration of the Committee's consideration of that matter. Subject to paragraph 3.5, a conflicted member so replaced shall continue to serve as a member of the Committee for all other purposes.