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Bills in Progress to 16 July 2019

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  • Communications Bill 2018

    A BILL to make fresh provision about communications, broadcasting and the Communications Commission; and for connected purposes.

    House of Keys

    1R:26.06; 2R: 06.11; Cl:26.02 *Cl 50, 108, 152, Sch 1, New Cl 1; 3R: 05.03

    (Mr Malarkey)

    Legislative Council

    1R: 26.03; 2R: 16.04; CL: 07.05; *CL 3, New Cl 1, New Cl 2, Cl 108, 152 3R: 14.05 *Cl 8, 36, 74, 81, 89

    Open Bill incorporating HOK Amendments
    Open Bill
    Open Explanatory Notes

  • Income Tax Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2019

    ​A BILL to confirm certain temporary taxation orders; to amend the Income Tax Act 1970; and for connected purposes.

    House of Keys

    1R: 22.01.19; 2R: 29.01; Cl :12.02; 3R: 26.02

    (Mr Cannan)

    Legislative Council

    1R: 12.03; 2R: 26.03; Cl: 26.03; 3R: 02.04

    (Mr Henderson)

    Open Bill
    Open Explanatory Notes

  • Private Members' Bills - Leave to Introduce granted

    ​(HoK SO 4.4(2): Where the House resolves to grant a Member leave to introduce a Bill, the leave to introduce shall lapse at the end of the Session following the one in which the leave was granted.)

    A Bill to amend the law relating to organ donation; and for connected purposes.(Keys 31.10.2017; Mr Perkins)

    A Bill to amend the grounds for divorce, dissolution of civil partnerships and judicial separation; and for connected purposes. (Keys 23.10.18; Mrs Caine)

    A Bill to amend the Legislation Act 2015 to enable Tynwald to require expiry provisions in secondary legislation and for connected purposes. (Council 23.10.18; Mrs Lord-Brennan)

    A Bill to make further provision in relation to leasehold premises and to amend the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2011 in respect of compulsory purchases; and for connected purposes. (Keys 12.03.19; Mr Hooper)


  • Private Members' Bills - Leave to Introduce refused
  • Property Service Charges (Amendment) Bill 2019

    ​A Bill to amend the Property Service Charges Act 1989 to provide that the Act may, by order, be applied to other specified persons and dwellings; and for connected purposes.

    House of Keys

    1R: 11.06.19; 2R: 25.06

    (Mr Harmer)

    Open Bill
    Open Explanatory Notes

  • Public Sector Pensions (Amendment) Bill 2019

    ​A BILL to amend the Public Sector Pensions Act 2011 to remove the requirement to obtain consent for the making of certain schemes; to extend the definition of schemes and to provide for the amendment of existing schemes; to amend the Tynwald procedures for making orders, regulations and schemes; and for connected purposes.

    House of Keys

    1R: 25.06.19

    (Mr Thomas)


  • Road Traffic Legislation (Amendment) Bill 2016

    ​A Bill to amend the Road Traffic Act 1995; the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1985 and the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1984.

    Legislative Council:

    1R: 26.04.2016;2R: 24.05; Clauses: 1-15: 24.05 (*Cl 1, 13); Referred to Cte: 24.05; Cte report considered: 27.06.2017
    (Mr Corkish)

    Open Bill
    Open Explanatory Notes​

  • Sexual Offences and Obscene Publications Bill 2019

    ​A BILL to make new provision about sexual offences, their prevention and the protection of children from harm from other sexual acts; to amend the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation Act 2010; to provide for the detention and forfeiture of land vehicles, ships and aircraft in connection with trafficking in persons; and for connected purposes.

    House of Keys

    1R: 25.06.19

    (Dr Allinson)

    Open Bill
    Open Explantory Notes

  • Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Bill 2019

    ​A BILL to amend the Town and Country Planning Act 1999 to make provision for national policy directives; to clarify the matters for which provision may be made in a development procedure order; to clarify the circumstances in which an application for planning approval may be referred to the Council of Ministers; to provide an enabling power for a community infrastructure levy; to provide for the constitution of the planning committee; to amend section 40 of that Act; to define general importance; and for connected purposes.

    House of Keys

    1R: 05.03; 2R 12.03; Cl 26.03 *Cl 5, 4, 10, 11, 12, 16, 18;3R: 02.04

    Legislative Council


    (Mr Cretney)

    Open Bill

    Open Bill as amended by Keys

    Open Explanatory Notes

Key to abbreviations -

1R = First Reading
2R = Second Reading
Clauses = Clauses considered
*Cl. Denotes Clause where successful amendment moved
Rpt = Report considered
3R = Third Reading
Sch. = Schedule
RA = Royal Assent announced
Prosp. = not yet in force
ADO = Appointed Day Order
wef = with effect from
*text* or *text*= agreed amendment