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Bills in Progress to 18 December 2019

Click on the title of the Bill below to view the progress of the Bill and link to the Hansard of the debate for each stage, open a copy of the Bill and the Explanatory Notes (where available). Quick links to the Bill only may be found on the left.

Click on this link to open a view of the Bills in Progress list for printing.

Details of how a Bill becomes an Act can be found in the Legislative Process.

Useful Links

Isle of Man Primary Legislation (Acts)

Isle of Man Statutory Documents

Isle of Man Government Circulars

Key to abbreviations -

1R = First Reading
2R = Second Reading
Clauses = Clauses considered
*Cl. Denotes Clause where successful amendment moved
Rpt = Report considered
3R = Third Reading
Sch. = Schedule
RA = Royal Assent announced
Prosp. = not yet in force
ADO = Appointed Day Order
wef = with effect from
*text* or *text*= agreed amendment


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