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Dogs (Amendment) Bill 2016

Bill Progress

‚ÄčA Bill to amend the Dogs Act 1990 to impose a requirement for every dog on the Island to have implanted in it a microchip; to require the keeper of every dog on the Island to ensure that the dog is microchipped; to abolish the licensing and duty regime for dogs on the Island; and for connected purposes.

House of Keys:

1R: 06.12.2016; 2R: 24.01.2017; Clauses: 13.06 (*Cl 5); 3R: 27.06; Council amendments agreed: 28.11
(Mr Boot)

Legislative Council:

1R: 24.10; 2R: 31.10; Clauses: 31.10 (*Cl 5, 8); 3R: 07.11
(Mr Cretney)


Royal Assent: 20.03.2018

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