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Local Government and Building Control (Amendment) Bill 2016

Bill Progress

A Bill to amend certain enactments in relation to local government *rating* and building control and to provide for the introduction of fixed penalties in connection with certain statutory notices and byelaws.

House of Keys:

1R: 23.02.2016; 2R: 01.03; Clauses: 22.03 (*Long title; *Cl 11) New part: 12.04; 3R: 12.04; Council amendments agreed: 14.06
(Mr Gawne)

Legislative Council:

1R: 26.04; 2R: 03.05;Clauses: 03.05 (*Cl 13); 3R: 10.05
(Mr Corkish)


Bill signed: 19.07.2016

Royal Assent:

Granted: 17.10.2016
Announced: 18.10.2016

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