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Anti-Money Laundering and Other Financial Crime (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2018

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​A Bill to amend the Anti-Terrorism and Crime Act 2003. the Proceeds of Crime Act 2008, the Terrorism and Other Crime (Financial Restrictions) Act 2014 and the Financial Intelligence Unit Act 2016, to amend certain record-keeping provisions of the Foundations Act 2011, to amend the Companies Act 1931, the Companies Act 2006, the Foundations Act 2011, the Limited Liability Companies Act 1996 and the Partnership Act 1909 in order to provide powers to make enquiries in respect of information to be registered, in accordance with recommendations specified in the Fifth Round Mutual Evaluation Report of the Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrorism; to amend the Criminal Justice Act 1991 to make provision for the jurisdiction of courts in the Island in relation to certain criminal offences; to amend the Gambling (Amendment) Act 2006 to add to the decisions that may be appealed under Schedule 4 to that Act and to amend the matters in respect of which there may be a stay pending an appeal; to amend Schedule 1 to the Financial Services Act 2008 in relation to the persons in respect of which an AML/CFT investigation may be conducted and Schedule 5 of the Insurance Act 2008 so as to apply certain powers available under it to such investigations; and for connected purposes.

House of Keys:

1R: 06.03.2018; 2R: 13.03​; Clauses: 27.03;3R: 27.03; Council amendments considered: 08.05
(Miss Bettison)

Legislative Council

1R: 24.04; 2R 24.04;Clauses 24.04 (*Cl 11); 3R: 24.04
(Mr Henderson)


Royal Assent: 19.06.2018

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